November Meeting Meeting minutes

Field School PTO Meeting


7 in attendance including 2 Staff Members & 2 guest speakers

Call to order: Meeting Called to order at 7:30 pm.

Approval of minutes: Approval of meeting minutes from October 11, 2016

  • Motion to approve: Ms. Everett

  • Motion seconded: Gena Romagnoli

President’s report

A lot of happenings this month!

  • Fall Fest: Thank you to Hillary Larson, Tracy Fragassi, Tina McNamee & Sara McFadden ~ great job!

  • Pizza & hot lunch: Both programs are underway. A lot faster with prepackaged hot lunches. In the long run, this seems to be a better option.

  • Halloween: Thanks to Laura Sclafani & Phyllis Lubinski and all of our student and adult volunteers. Attendance was great & event was safe and fun.

  • Box Tops: Heidi Russack is leading this committee. $260 earned so far.

  • Field Flyer: 1st publication released, great amount of contributions!

  • Directory: Printed copies will be released after Thanksgiving

  • Uncle Pete’s Lunch: Thanks to the committee: Eliza Macdougall, Doubleday and Tina MacNamee

  • Volleyball: Still looking for chairs and participants

  • Science alliance: This assembly provided great inspiration for the kids

  • Author Visit: Thanks to the PTO, we have another author coming, Tom Lichtenheld

  • Follies: Great production!! Thanks to Jen Trunco & Laura Isard. Thanks to the staff that came out to support the event.

VP report: [Angelo Reported for Jen Trunco ~ Jen was sick]

  • PTO Directory cutoff has passed. Printed copies being reviewed now. Hardcopies should come end of October or beginning of Nov. PTO membership will remain open if people want to join mid-year. New members would not get printed copy, but gain access to online directory

No Treasurer’s Report: [Sean Dolan was traveling]

Principals Report

  • Science Alliance assembly was great!

  • School board meeting : Our LRC will be named after Hillary Rodham Clinton. Details will follow on a special dedication ceremony. Still working on details on how to appropriately designate the room (ie: a plaque, or just in our language)

  • Start winter benchmarks assessments in Jan. Reading and math for all grades K-5. Age appropriate screening.

  • Thanksgiving break approaching.

  • Amy Bartucci commented: Loved seeing the presentation of the Field Kids to introduce the School Board at last night’s meeting that was held here.

Committee Reports:

  • Gena Romagnoli: performing arts club will start Jan 9, 330-530 M & F in the LRC. Group capped at 15 ~ right now have 8.

New Business:

  • Amy Bartucci & Elizabeth Ryles: Go Green Park Ridge:

  • Like to see more green initiatives in town & school. Idea is to showcase what initiatives are ongoing and how to get involved

  • 2 initiatives we feel are appropriate for our district

  • Waste reduction in lunch:

  • Natural lawn care committee

  • Try to reduce use of synthetic lawn pesticides and fertilizers.

  • CDC published study demonstrating how these chemicals get in the system of population

  • Environmental effects: asthma, ADHD, cancer reproductive problems

  • Effects our drinking water, our pets

  • Furthermore, pesticides aren’t always effective for the problem they are being used for. Most of the application gets transferred to other environments and animals.

  • Maine Park is a pilot program for pesticide free

  • Webinar with Midwest pesticide action center to help educate people. Upcoming webinar is “How is it cost effective”

  • District is concerned that school population will be unhappy with the aesthetic cost of “going organic” (ie: dandelion growth will offend certain families) This should be a small concern compared to the toxins that are transferred to the kids.

  • Gym teachers should be concerned about this for themselves and the children

  • Looking for a pilot school to be the first to try this program. We can provide neat signs for the school to advertise our commitment.

  • Knowledge is power. The more people educate themselves on this issue, the more support we should garner.

  • Barnes & Noble Fair

  • GS interest

  • Friendsgiving on Tues Nov

  • Thursday ladies sip & paint social

  • Vshow: Cheryl : kickoff for Hotel Hysteria. Script pickup Dec 11. Tryouts following Sunday

  • Jan: practices on Friday nights

  • Feb: a couple of Sundays

  • Adbook: beginning to solicit

  • Show Dates: Mar 3, 4, & 10, 11, 12

Old Business

  • Little Library: able to install. This should happen in Spring. Details will be determined over the winter.

  • Ms. Kelly: PTO will donate tree for Kate, it flowers Purple. There is a memorial fund that will also be put towards a statue installation as well. LRC will have an area that will be Kate’s corner.

  • Kalo foundation: will handle statue installation ~ happening at each of the schools

  • Moms social: Denise organizing that for after the holidays

  • Dr. Heinz: hopefully visiting in December {or January, if we do not have a Dec meeting}

  • Artwork: completed and here for installation from Perfect Framing

  • Reading Signs: cost is $5. Goal sell for $10. Maybe use the new mascot. Phoenix. Design forthcoming.

  • PTO Website: Weebly is suggested for hosting & design: Need someone who might be able to update our website

  • 4th & 5th grade Chorus performing at Wolves. Jennifer Johnson and Jessica Kwasny

  • Holiday Sing: Thursday Dec 22 : 9:15 all am K, 3, 4 A-L 10:30: 1,2,5 A-L; 1pm all Kpm 3,4 M-Z, 2:15: 1,2,5 M-Z

  • Staff Luncheon: Tuesday, Dec 20

  • Green initiative: Let’s reach out for a committee chair

Motion to Adjourn: Mrs. Everett

Second to Adjourn: Catherine Gillespie

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