January Meeting Minutes

7 in attendance including 2 Staff Members

Call to order: Meeting Called to order at 7:30 pm.

Approval of minutes: Approval of meeting minutes from October 11, 2016

  • Motion to approve: Ms. Everett

  • Motion seconded:Jennifer Kuzminski

President’s report

  • Welcome back Happy New Year. No December meeting because of Holidays

  • Committee reports:Things are going smoothly

  • Pizza day: Increased amount purchased, going well

  • Directories went out without incident

  • Science Olympiad: Feb 4

  • ELF Jan 28 fundraiser Casino Night

Principals report

  • Thanks for Holiday luncheon!

  • Student Learning Analysis: We are currently spending time with data review meetings with teacher teams. Focusing on 2 different things: students who are not reaching grade level assessments, but also looking at individual achievements to see that all kids are growing in their learning.

  • New Clubs at Field: So much interest in new clubs. Trying to make it so that no child is in 2 clubs before each child gets to be in one. Over 300 forms came back for the clubs. Been a bit complex trying to make sure the system is fair and everyone is Coding club biggest area of interest. Opened another section with another teacher so more could participate

  • Diversity committee trying to showcase our different backgrounds and cultures.

  • Valentine’s Day Parties on Feb 14 planned by room parents coming up. 2 parents attend the parties to help. Start at 2:30 pm and 10:30 for am kind.

  • Valentine’s suggestion by Amanda Taylor:maybe get rid of cards altogether… since kids cannot send anything personalized or send any sort of gift or candy or trinket

  • Suggestion to have a survey/poll to get feedback from parents on these cards.Probably too late for this year, but think about surveying for next year.New suggestions:Creating kindness notes to read in class, or something more meaningful than just these store bought cards.

  • PTO Contribution Suggestion:Flexible Learning Spaces

  • When Mrs. Kelly attending the board of education Meeting, it was revealed that there will most likely not be enough money in the district budget to offer towards flexible learning spaces at Field.Flexible Learning could be a PTO initiative.Many different ways:wobble stools, table that reconfigure to different arrangement in space, etc…The district would like to partner with PTOs on this initiative.At Field, opportunities we might have is trying it in a classroom or a classroom in each grade or in the LRC.Range in investment could be large depending on how much or how little is proposed.

  • Suggestion was made for Mrs. Kelly, Mrs. Everett and additional staff members to put together a wish list for school with the intention of updates in the LRC and also investigate how we can integrate flexible learning spaces at Field.

New Business

  • New Website! Updating the website was goal, and we were very fortunate to have Amanda Taylor take on this task for us.

  • Website is on WIX, very easy to manage and update and improve.

  • Calendar needs a designated updater… need to investigate who is doing this now.

  • : Jennifer Kuzminski

  • Looking forward to this, want to reinvent and get more energy.Each kid will get a necklace, and for every dollar you raise, you get a foot icon to add to your necklace. Everybody would get one charm to start and you get more for the more money you earn.Maybe 1 every $20.Suggesting that parent volunteers would come help hand out charms each week.

  • Walkathon date : April 27 [wanting to coordinate with Neat to Use Your Feet week]

  • Start advertising/ collecting pledges right after Spring Break.

  • Need to get at least one parent per grade level to help distribute charms

  • Need to meet with PE staff regarding details for when grade levels come out & how many parent volunteers are needed.Not doing laces or tshirts, thinking of doing banners with sponsors??Prizes to be top class:pizza party, 2nd class: ice cream partyPrize list of 20 prizes so that top fund raisers get to choose from 10 parties.Oasis tent top earners get to sit for 5 minutes in a chaise lounge during the event.

  • Ms. Kelly will talk to the grade level teachers about the event and see if they have any suggestions with how to organize prize distribution.

  • BLAST:Looking for class representatives that are available to help the last week of April

  • UWalk software:Look at this for a possibility to use for various fundraising activities.

  • Performing Arts Club: Gena Romagnoli

  • Up and running, 14 students 1-5th grade in LRC:Show is called “The Journalist” in which a Journalist is interviewing characters through history like Amelia Earhart.Fri, Feb 24th is show date.Need blast to get volunteers to help with curtains, lights & sound.Show should be less than an hour.Will investigate selling tickets for Field School families to come and enjoy the show.

  • Discovery Day:Carol Salas

  • Mrs. Kelly was inspired by Carpenter’s making memory day.Want to do something similar towards the end of the year.May 30, or 31st is the suggested day right now.Wed not ideal, so shoot for Tuesday for the event.Reach out to Mariana Cosma to see if she wanted to help.

  • activities coming up Jan 20, Feb 10.

  • Daddy/Daughter Red Carpet Gala April 7 at Field School Gym. DJ Pizza, Dessert, Photo with special man and include amount of RSVPs for capacity.

  • Reading Garden, Little Library, and Tree need to work out the details as our dedication to Kate Babich.

  • Ianelli Studios is dedicating a statue

  • Mom’s Night out will be organized by Denise Schliesmann

  • Dr. Heinz: Still hope she will be visiting. Now slated for May 9th.

  • Field Yard Signs: Best price was $10/sign. Hoping to have new mascot, but maybe look at option with the logo with the kids on it.

  • Mr. Mata: unavailable tonight. Presentation for projector for the gym will be at a future meeting.

  • Next PTO mtg will be Feb 21st.

Motion to Adjourn: Mrs. Everett

Second Motion: Jennifer Kuzminski

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