February Meeting Minutes

10 in attendance including 2 Staff Members

Call to order: Meeting Called to order at 7:30 pm.

Approval of minutes: Approval of meeting minutes from Jan 17

(replace Carol’s name with Ms. Kelly’s on page 3)

  • Motion to approve: Ms. Everett

  • Motion seconded:Gena Romagnoli

Walter S. New Business Announcement: [Walter could not stay for meeting, so was allowed to make his announcements first]: volleyball proposal 4th & 5th graders. In past, we invite catholic schools but this year would only come for 1 game, so wasn’t best scenario. Would like to have a D64 league for next years. 2 PTOs would like to, but don’t have the facility space. Question remains whether this is viable. Gyms need to be reserved by May 13th. Need to further communication with other schools to see if they are interested.

Angelo: We will reach out to other PTO presidents to see if there is interest. Need logistics to communicate the scope of the program between practices and games.

Walter S.: Chess Club: tournament next month. Hope to bring home a trophy.

President’s report

  • Vshow wrapping up: Need ticket sales moving. Looking forward to shows 1st 2 weekends in March

  • Performing Arts Club: This Friday, performing arts club performance of The Journalist Will be short production, ½ hour ~ Journalist interviewing famous people throughout the show. Gena Romagnoli thanked us for putting her in touch with Tom Fragassi who is helping with lights and sound. Hoping to do a program for the show.

  • Walkathon: All volunteers are booked. Teachers are going to collect the pledges and distribute tokens. Walk schedule is done. Looking for commitments for prize donations ~ hoping to have these by March 9. Hoping to get 20 prizes to use in raffles. Meeting March 13 to assemble some of the prize/token packages. Meeting will be in the LRC. Will be good opportunity for middle school service hours.

  • Website: Still undergoing updates. Calendar is up on the PTO site. Working on getting things on there. Hoping to use this much more. Also want to add sponsors to the site so Field School population can access those businesses that support us.

  • Chicago Fire Night is in the works. Emilio Abdala is looking into this

  • Daddy/daughter Dance: currently being planned and tickets are available on RevTrak.

  • Science Olympiad and Casino night were a big success.

  • Upcoming Goals: Going to meet with Ms. Kelly about initiatives in honor of Kate Babich. Goal is look over space and decide where reading garden and tree will be. Follies funds will also be used to create the little library in the reading garden.

  • Yard signs: Still looking into this. Field Families Strong. $3.58/sign. Hoping to sell for $10. Also had the suggestion of investigating producing umbrellas with Field School logo to sell. Susan Smith will investigate costs and sources.

  • Meeting Dates: Dr. Heinz is slated for May meeting right now

VP report [Jen Trunco]: not much to report. Reaching out to existing committees regarding helping for next year. Then we’ll start reaching out to fill roles next year. Will reach out to Screen Free and Spring Picnic.

Picnic is usually as late in May as possible. Do not have a date yet.

Treasurer’s Report [Sean Dolan]: looking at budget, we are doing well on pizza day. Had budget $10K ~ pretty close. $1K over on directories. Fall Fest was a bit less (2-3K), Follies lost $1300K. Vshow is wild card right now. Most of other things are below budget for year, so on track with what was projected. Expectation is that the walkathon will come in higher than expected. Signs & boxtops will add additional revenue. $18K budgeted as revenue for Vshow right now.

Catherine: What was walkathon expected to earn? Last year, big donor brought total to 16K, this year trying to earn $20K.

Secretary's Report [Susan Smith]: Still in process of finalizing the PTO website. Will be constant update as we are able to get to it and understand how.

Principal’s Report: [Ms. Kelly per phone dial-in]: it has been a good month ~ Valentines parties were a success. Now that kids are used to no- food policy, kids seem to not be bothered by its absence. We are in one of best parts of the year for instruction. Heavy academic time of the year. Kids are working hard. 2nd graders are doing aptitude test for first time this year which allows all children to be screened for Channels of Challenge. In ongoing quest to make rules clears to kids, we have been working on bathroom behavior recently. Setting expectations for what Field Cares message is for the bathroom.

In regards to Flexible Learning Spaces we discussed at the last meeting, Roosevelt shared some of their spaces. Rationale: space is at a premium and we are often looking for using spaces for multiple purposes. Current furniture is cumbersome, but FLS furniture is easy to move and reconfigure for many different groupings and even collapsing, when necessary. Also, this type of furniture accommodates more comfortable sitting situations for kids when that is appropriate. “You’ll definitely want foldable tables, and beyond that, there are so many different availabilities and options. You could decide as a PTO how much you want to do. Could be a multi-year project. Could switch out tables and chairs one year, and then add additional options in additional years.”

The project that Mr. Mata is going to introduce is also great in that it would impact the whole of the school as well.

New Business:

  • Carol Sales: Discovery Day. Inspiration was from Carpenter School. So far, we have commitments from the Park Ridge Fire Dept, Park Ridge Police, Niles Police, and we are also looking into a possible concert. The biggest new is that we have secured the Jesse White tumblers! Projecting to have this happen outside so whole school can view the tumblers at the same time. 9 volunteers have stepped up to help with the committee. Carol will be talking to the Carpenter Teachers who organize the event at Carpenter School for more ideas and information.

Angelo: will investigate if the Park Ridge Citizens Patrol might bring some interesting equipment to share with the kids.

  • Mr. Jason Mata, PE teacher at Field: ask for financial support to assist in project that he has been investigating for 3 years. North Gym AV upgrade: Lampless projector. Mr. Mata uses technology often in class and typically must borrow cumbersome equipment from the LRC. This would not only affect the gym classes, but would also enhance school in other ways. Holiday sing, assemblies, cultural arts, PTO functions, Volleyball as scoreboard, School board meetings, promotion party, afterschool presentations for human growth development, teacher meetings and workshops. It is noteworthy that each classroom was equipped with smartboards throughout the school, except for the gym.

  • The Projector that is suggested is suitable for space where there is a lot of environmental light, which therefore means it is more expensive. The installation must be approved by the district, so installation and connectivity cost might not be flexible. Sean Dolan is going to investigate if he can find a better price on the display system.

Q: Can we shop around for price comparisons, or is this the only option through the district.

Comment: Would be great to introduce this as a goal for Walkathon.

  • Flexible Learning Spaces: We will evaluate costs provided by Roosevelt school and determine a plan of action/introduction. Possibility that the district will match our PTO contribution so more investigation is necessary. This would provide a good incentive for fundraising along with the Projector Project for the North gym.

Next Meeting is March 14th. Will set up auditing with audit committee: Jon Morrison and Tina McNamee.

Motion to Adjourn: Ms. Everett at 8:50

Second to adjourn: Jen Trunco

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