April Meeting Minutes

Field School PTO Meeting


13 in attendance including 2 Staff Members

Call to order: Meeting Called to order at 7:32 pm.

Approval of minutes: Approval of meeting minutes from Feb 21

  • Motion to approve: Ms. Everett

  • Motion seconded:Catherine Gillespie

President’s Report

  • Tree for Kate:location is marked off, so moving forward. Eastern Redbud will be planted. Will be talking to the Babich family about a plaque. Tree $400, with insurance etc… were some complications. Expert Landscaping is going to do the installation.

  • Tina McNamee:we have $ for grounds improvement, so consider using that if there are any overages.

  • Daddy/Daughter Dance: Huge success!

  • Jennifer:heard a complaint that there was no walkin,

  • Angelo:No walkin policy was because we prepared nice goody bags for the girls and could not accommodate walkins with the special gifts

  • Mom/Son coming up on April 21

  • PTO Board: The board for next year will be announced in the blast in the next few weeks. We will vote to approve at the May 16th meeting

  • : Producers for next year: Ahrens & Demeros. Happy to be stepping up ~ looking forward to it.

  • Yard Signs: Still looking into it, but with so many fundraising initiatives this year, we have this on hold for now.

Jen Trunco: Vice President

  • Good response for committee heads to continue for next year.Picnic usually held in May is not going to be held this year so we want to have a Back to School event in September.

  • Cheryl:is there anything for kids who are leaving school

  • Angelo:Last hurrah for 5th graders is the promotion party

  • Mrs. Kelly:Thursday April 27th Cultural Night ~ great event for families exploring 16 countries that are represented at Field School.(MAKE SURE THIS IS ADDED TO PTO CALENDAR!)

Sean Dolan: Treasurer

  • Distributed balance sheet.We have 25K in savings and 27K in checking.Income statement

  • Fall Fest:8K net, budget 9500 ~ auction proceeds were down

  • Pizza day should be accurate of 10K earning

  • Vshow:still need to reconcile

  • Follies:still more items to reconcile

  • Daddy/Daughter:expenses not in yet

  • Halloween: 1400

  • 5th Grade promo:not accurate because event is still ongoing

  • Yearbook:6K revenue; but printing not paid yet so unsure of final number

  • Fees for PTO items not in yet either ~ (taxes, insurance??)

  • Angelo:waiting to receive all of the grant propositions for this year.May 9th will be regular meeting when Dr. Heinz is coming.The following Tuesday, we will have a special meeting on May 16th to approve grant distribution and approve the PTO board that day, too. (PUT DR. HEINZ VISIT ON THE CALENDAR!!)

  • Tina McNamee:Need to do an audit of this year.Money needs to be in before this is done.Tina is happy to help ~ Jon Morrison might be able to help as well.

  • No expenses have been submitted from most of the clubs.

  • Memorial fund has mostly been used, so we might need the facility improvement for the tree & reading garden.

  • Carol:For cultural arts, if there is some money left, could we use that money for the band at Discovery Day?

  • Angelo:We had excess money from the Daddy/daughter, so we can help out the costs on Discovery Day

Secretary’s Report:

Nothing new to report. Please keep reading the blast and submit any communications.

Principal’s Report:

  • We had an assembly in Feb Justin & Liam on songwriting.Fun experience for kids

  • Bernies Book Bank a big success.Might make it an every other year event.

  • Class lists will be out soon.

  • Student Council raised over 8K raised for Leukemia Society.

  • PARCC ongoing.Trying to keep it low key

  • MAP testing may 5th.

  • Walkathon generating a lot of excitement.Staff suggesting a fall event.Thinking it might get more exclusive attention in the fall… although there is a lot in the fall as well with Fall Fest, Follies.Would need to get this more thought.

  • Jennifer Kuzminski:is the weekend a possibility for the event?

  • Mrs. Kelly:There is some precedence for that with other schools doing fun runs.

  • Jen Trunco:We would incur rental fees with the district.

  • Sad to be leaving the school, but the proximity to the school was challenging.I will miss your children very much and thank you for the support and the kind words from many PTO members.Position is posted, application deadline is May 6.There will be a few interview rounds.

  • Mrs. Everett is retiring, too.

  • Mrs. Kelly:my daughter said, “Its kind of good news and bad news ~ I like going to all of those shows”

Committee Reports:

  • Carol Sales:Discovery Day: new event this year. Mariana Cosma is helping. Going to include K-2 concert, 2nd grade fire truck, wellness presentation, 3-5 concert, jesse white tumblers will be performing in the afternoon. Still looking for a photographer. (SEND REQUEST IN THE BLAST FOR PHOTOGRAPHER and need help at 11 am and 1 pm that day) Parents will be needed also to help move kids through the events. We talked with Carpenter about their event and might extend the event

  • Gena:offered to help at 1pm

  • Jennifer Kuzminski: Walkathon: so far $11K. Online donations have earned about 2K. Small charge through paypal but the increased accessibility is worth it. Kids seem excited about it. Teachers are managing. Prizes are collected. The top 30 kids will be able to choose from the top 30 prizes. Hoping to cover the lamp project and some Flexible Learning Space furniture.

  • Gena Romagnoli: Performing Arts: Going to do performing arts club again next year. Will focus more attention on selling of the tickets.

  • Allison Potaczek:Screen free week: 24th – 28th

  • : Bryan Wismer ultimate health and fitness team challenge (Need volunteers)

  • : 3 new girl scout troops are sponsoring a family yoga class after school. Later in the evening Chorus is performing

  • : Skomor soccer free soccer clinic & yogli mogli will also have fundraiser

  • : Culture Day

  • Family Bingo Night 6-7:30 (Need volunteers & prize donations)

  • Cheryl Matti-Breslin:Mom & Son: Next Friday Minute to Win it night. Pizza, sodas, desserts here at Field. 6:45

  • : Still collecting photos. A couple of pages are more collage pages, so can still fit some in.

  • : May 24th at Emerson. Invitation will go out tomorrow. Promo book will go out to be printed next week. Also going to offer pool party to kids in June. Will try to have evite

  • huge success. Congrats to next year’s producers. Just wrapping up reports, expenses/revenues. Had 30 kids in the show this year that was a fun addition this year.

  • May 19th is Uncle Pete’s Lunch

Old Business:

  • : New quote: quite a large cost difference. However, details seemed to be slightly different, so not sure we are comparing the same items. Will connect with Mr. Mata on whether these quotes are comparing the same thing. The district has said they will pay half. Mrs. Kelly is reaching out to M.J. Warden and Ronald… to see if we can proceed with the project. Hoping to have installation done as soon as possible in June.

  • Flexible Learning Space: We are waiting to see what amount of funds we will have to put towards this.

  • Mrs. Kelly:Depending on money, it would be nice to have some furniture for the LRC and there are other updates we would like to make in the LRC.It will become a fund for LRC improvements.There are lot of unknowns right now with new distribution of space in the library, new principal, new librarian. The new principal will be handling the selection of the Librarian.

  • Volleyball League: Not sure if Walter Szulczewski was successful. Will connect back with him.

  • Next Meeting: May 9, 7:30

Motion to Adjourn: Mrs. Everett 8:57

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