May 16 Meeting Minutes

Field School PTO Meeting


16 in attendance including 2 Staff Members

Call to order: Meeting Called to order at 7:10 pm

PTO President, Angelo Demeros: Last PTO meeting of the year. Thank you for coming.

Approval of minutes from April & from May 9th meeting:

Motion to approve: Mrs Everett

2nd motion: Brandy Oomen

Principal’s Report

  • Finished Map testing 2nd-5th grades in reading and math, AIMS web testing for early literacy and numeracy will be done 5/22-23. There have been a lot of questions because of the new guidelines for getting into C of C program. The criteria is different for 2nd than for 3rd & up.

  • Field Days:May 24, 25th field days: if it rains, it will be inside.

  • End of the year countdown starts May 18, Thursday. Counting down with emphasis on Field Cares centered activities.

  • Discovery Day coming up May 30

  • Last Cultural Arts is June 1: Jump rope warrior this year

  • End of the Year Assembly Wednesday: 30 min goodbye & good luck to 5th grade & retiring staff

  • for appreciation luncheon

  • Last day of school Thursday, June 1st. Teachers still come on Friday.

  • Thank you to PTO board for strong 2016-2017 year, ~ a lot of fundraising this year and generally a smooth year.

Presidents Report

  • for a great year. Amazing how years fly. We achieved goals that were set so we are proud of that. The projector installation will be a great thing for the school and we now have a fund for the LRC furniture.

  • Looking to Future: still interested in Free Little Library for the Reading Garden.

  • effort to get more attendance at meetings?

  • PTO is in good hands with the new board coming in

  • Upcoming Events:Promotion party, field Cares, discovery day, a lot coming up.Unfortunate that the spring carnival didn’t happen, but there has been a suggestion to hold it in the fall as a welcome back event.

  • : Thanks to Deena Sakoufakis for volleyball committee. Walter S. will be helping with keeping volleyball program at Field. Julie Tiu, math club, it’s been a good year. Looking for another parent to help out next year. Combining fun with strategy games, just part of the year. Paul, thanks for taking on treasurer this year. Amy Konwal, thanks for helping with Pizza Day and Field Flyer, Brandy Oomen, sorry the spring picnic was missed, we look forward to Brandy & Kristen Massucci planning a great event next year, maybe in the fall. Carol Sales, Discovery Day. Jon Morrison, Thanks for doing the audit.

  • Mrs. E.and Mrs. Kelly, thanks so much for attending the meetings & supporting us through the years. Q: Any word on when the new principal will be announced?

  • Mrs. Kelly:possibly by next Monday, May 22nd at the School Board Meeting

  • Angelo Demeros: Hope to arrange a meet and greet at least for new PTO Board & Follies & Vshow producers.

Vice President’s Report:

  • Committees are looking good for next year.A couple that are needed will be blasted to request some volunteers come forward.These include:

  • Bulletin Board, Cultural Arts, Junior Great Books, Lego Club, Webmaster

  • Angelo:Getting involved really helps garner relationships in the school.Hopefully we can communicate that and get some more people to get involved

Treasurers Report:

  • Balance Sheet: Basically we have $68,000 as balance. We will leave the next year in a good position for next year. We did achieve our financial goals, including having money left over for the projector project

  • Big revenue year:

  • fall fest:slightly lower than expected

  • pizza day: revenues down from projected, but not much

  • Vshow:revenues down from projected $15.5K

  • Field Follies:earned revenue that was totally unbudgeted:$3700

  • Daddy/Daughter:earned $1200 revenue on a break even event

  • No winter carnival or spring picnic

  • 5th grade promo party on track for projections

  • Yearbook is on track for breaking even

  • Expenditures:no big surprises, most as expected and some had no expenditures

  • Principal’s fund:none recorded

  • Insurance:as expected

  • Room parent expenses: down from projected

  • RevTrak fees: a little higher than expected

  • Author visits: as expected

  • Cultural arts: $100 over

  • Less on a few clubs

  • School newspaper on budget ($200 less)

  • Screen free week:low expenses so far, but might have some not turned in yet

  • Special projects: no ELF contribution, nothing to BOPA

  • Memorial fund:as expected for tree for reading garden/donations to LRC

  • Teacher appreciation: a little overbudget

  • Ultimate Result: $42K net income. Left a lot to approve

  • $13K for projector, additional approx. $10K revenue that was earned from walkathon will be in a reserved fund for the LRC

  • Mrs. Kelly:This type of furniture is very expensive so this might be a good fund-raising goal for a few years to come.The work will begin on the LRC this summer.Boxing up the books the first day of summer.Intention is not to lose any books, just reconfigure.

  • BOPA is a great cause for us to consider for donations in the future.Supporting the arts is always a great investment for the school funds.

  • ADD TO BLAST for next week:please submit any outstanding expenses.

AUDIT Committee:

Met last Monday: Jon Morrison, Tina McNamee, Sean Dolan & Angelo Demeros

Summary from Jon Morrison:

  • Commends our treasurer Sean Dolan on tracking numbers, filing was very easy to go through.Went through all disbursements from the year to make sure that the cash that is coming through the PTO includes proper paperwork and that processes for submission are being carefully followed.From AUG-MAR every disbursement was proper & statements looked great.A few notes to just stay diligent on is:

  • Handling of cash: always have 2 people involved

  • non teacher-related reimbursements: non-committee heads are signing off on their own expenses, but they are intended to be signed by a committee chair.

  • Sean:Because of our familiarity with each other in this school environment, there is a degree of trust but we still need some checks and balances.A second signature is necessary

  • Future recommendation is to touch base with the audit committee a few times during the year to keep up with it instead of having to review everything from the year in one long session.

Teacher Grant Recommendations:

Suggested awards are listed next to what the teachers are requesting for the year. If anyone would like to bring up a specific request for discussion, let’s proceed with that. In the past, it seems about ½ of the amount is usually suggested by the PTO.

  • Mrs. Kelly:Regarding Mrs. Otto:district will provide whatever she “needs”.At this point it is unclear what the district is proposing.

  • Mrs. Everett: Cube chair is used at Jefferson and a block that goes under her feet.The staff there said they would pass on to Field what they are using now.

  • Mrs. Kelly:Not sure this PTO contribution is necessary.I think this is a District problem, not a PTO initiative.

  • #1. Approved for total amount for Bingo Games ($95.73)

  • #2. Approved for total amount for Fox Books ($120)

  • #3.Approved for total amount for Math Materials ($292.14)

  • #4. Not Approved (Deferred as an initiative to pursued in the future)

  • #5. Approved for total amount for Wire Baskets ($300)

  • #6. Approved for Total Amount for Osmo Kits ($360)

  • #7. Approved for Total Amount for Chair Bags ($383.49)

  • #8. Approved for Total Amount for Leveled Books ($388)

  • #9. Approved for Liteboxes ($488.38)

  • #10. Approved for Fict & nonfiction paired classics ($745)

  • #11. Approved for ½ of total requested ($460)

  • #12. Approved for $400

  • #13. Approved for calculators & clipboards ($170)

  • #14. Approved for STEM Materials ($1055.98)

  • #15. Approved for educational materials $850

  • #16. Denied

  • #17. Denied

  • #18. Leaving to District

NEW TOTAL: $6208.72

Motion to approve the grants as modified: Mrs. Everett

Second to approve Julie Tiu

  • Next Steps:Mrs. Everett will clean up the grant request document and communicate to the staff. Ordering will happening as soon as possible. The district might need to be involved to front the money for the teachers so that sometimes slows down the process.

New Business: The PTO Board will be purchasing Reading Garden Bricks in honor of teachers who are retiring. Will work with these individuals on the wording for their specific brick. We will also offer to purchase an additional brick for them to have in their own garden at home.

These include: Mrs. Kelly, Mrs. Everett, Mrs. Morris, Mrs. Knoblauch, and Mrs. Levenson

Old Business: Yard signs are complete: This Field Family CARES

  • Going to hand out to the PTO members as thank you to all that was done.Non-members $10 cost.Will pick them up this next week.Might try to distribute a calendar or PTO help request with the signs.

Motion to adjourn: Sean Dolan

Second: Mrs. Kelly

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