October 2017 Meeting Minutes

Field School PTO Meeting


Call to Order: Meeting called to order at 7:40

In attendance: 5 parents, 1 teacher, principal and 4 board members

Approval of Minutes: Approval of minutes from Sept., 2017

  • Motion to Approve: Phyllis Lubinski

  • Motion to second: Mrs. Machon

Presidents Report:

  • Thank you to Mrs. Meza for sponsoring Zumba. She hopes to do more often, maybe karate next time.

  • Chess registration now open on revtrak. There are 16 students registered at this time.

  • Uncle Pete Friday Oct. 20th. Bags will go home on the 16th and there will be drop off boxes at each entry door.

  • The Field Flyer is still looking for doodles.

  • Follies tickets on sale until Oct. 20th.

  • Friendsgiving- Nov. 3rd, tickets on sale – adults only

  • Science Olympiad open- a registration link will be sent next week. The event will be held at Emerson Sat. Feb. 3rd.

  • ELF- Halloween Hustle Run Sat. Oct. 28th at Hodges Park. It would be great if Field families would participate.

  • The new Reading Bricks have been installed. They look great.

  • 5th graders go to Camp Duncan Thursday. Have fun 5th graders.

  • PTO membership- After this week you can still join the PTO, but your information will not make it into the directory. The directory goes to print at the end of Oct. and goes home to families in Nov.

Vice President Report:

  • We should order more yard signs for new families and kindergarten families. We will discuss further.

Treasurer Report:

  • Majority of PTO activities are still to come so there have not been many requests for reimbursements or payments yet.

  • We would like to cover the payments of some activities. We need to discuss that further.

  • Audit committee- Tina McNamee, in the past some things went through for reimbursement without approval. Paul is not going to give any checks without approval. The books from last year need to be closed soon before we get too far into this year.

  • No committee heads can sign contracts for vendors.

  • Emerson will no longer host the promotion party. Committee will figure out changes.


  • Continue to get me information for the blast before Friday.

Principal Report:

  • We are trying to get participants for the ELF Run. Field is currently in 3rd place. Franklin in lead. No pressure to run fast! Just show up for the fun.

  • We have had a lot of behavior challenges during recess. Use gym for lunch custodian has to quickly clean. Going to try to some new things going forward.

  • Camp Duncan is only 1 night and it is this week. Kids are excited. Ms. McCarten is staying behind for kids who aren’t going. Ms. Spychalski is spending the night.

  • Senior volunteers reading with 1st grade is going well. This is a fabulous program.

  • Follies is moving along and going well.

Committee Reports

Chess – Walter

  • 16 kids have signed up so far. We have chosen Chess Ed to run the program. They will include some work sheets so instructors can gage where the students are in their learning of the game. Chess Ed will be offering a lesson with their number 1 instructor. Can we pay them right away?

  • We need a room where kids can be across from each other.


  • Last year we had no one to really play against. Walter met with facilities manager and they and agreed we could move forward. Walter met with the other PTO’s and all are going to participate except for Roosevelt. The schools will play each other. The schools have all reserved gym space. Mr. Bednar will inquire about insurance. Volley begins in Jan. and sign up begins right after Thanksgiving.


  • Rooms will be different this year. No food in the room and some rotations of kids in and out. There will be no bows at end. We are Encouraging people to stay for the entire show and everyone must by a ticket for their child The producers are working with Pickwick for an end of show celebration. Kiko’s will be donating some flyers to sell at concession

Old Business

  • Girls on the Run- Has been approved to be administered through the PTO. We have 2 parents who will chair the club. Registration will begin in Feb. and the program runs from March through the end of the year. Practices will be on Tues. and Friday and the girls will participate in a do a 5k run at the end of the program.

  • Mr. Bednar gave an update the library and how it will eventually come together. The goal is to create more collaborative space.

  • Field is the last school to get secure vestibule. We are scheduled for 2019.

Meeting adjourned: 9:30

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