November PTO Minutes

Field School PTO Meeting

November 14th, 2017

Call to Order: Meeting called to order at 7:35

In attendance: 4 parents, 2 teachers, Mr. Bednar, 2 board members

Approval of Minutes: Approval of minutes from October meeting

  • Motion to Approve: Carol Sales

  • Motion to second: Jennifer Kuzminski

Presidents Report:

Thank you again to the producers of our 30th Annual Field Follies student production, Phyllis Lubinski, Sara Mc Fadden and Susan Smith. It was a great show, the kids did great with learning their lines, songs and dance moves. Thank as well to all the volunteers who help make Follies what it is. It’s a huge undertaking that requires many moving parts – the all hands-on deck approach allows things to flow smoothly for all involved. Congratulations to next year’s producer, Krystina Alkfoof. We look forward to support her as she develops her production team.

  • The Fall Fest Committee’s Friendsgiving fundraiser was a nice planned event. It was great to see new faces among the crowd. The final numbers from the event are still being closed out; we will be able to present what was raised at the January PTO meeting. Thanks again to Becky Ball, Heather Knieling and Shannon Bealsey for chairing the event.

  • The Barnes and Noble Book Fair is scheduled for Sunday, December 3rd from 11am to 4:30pm. Colleen Klehr and Brandy Oomen have been organizing an eventful packed afternoon (see attached schedule)

  • Last’s months Uncle Pete Lunch was largely participated by our families and students. Thank you to those families who donated and sent additional lunches with their children. Thank you to the Service Committee for organizing.

  • In connection with Student Council and the Staff Diversity Committee; PTO is assisting with the “West Humboldt Park Youth Donation Drive”. Donations are being accepted until tomorrow, November 15, 2017 – please if you haven’t already send in unused toiletries and socks or gently used blankets, towels, mittens/gloves, hats and sheets. The grade with the most participation of donated items; will receive a lunch time pizza party from the PTO.

  • Girls on the Run is a nationally sponsored club that will be offered again at Field this year via the PTO. There will be an informational meeting for those that wish to participate in grades 3 through 5, on Wednesday, November 29th at 7:00. Please contact Lida Bunting for additional information.

  • Registration is still open on RevTrak for the Performing Arts Club. There are 11 students who have already signed up with an additional 5 spaces open to meet their club minimum of 16 students. This club is open for all students in grades 1 through 5 and will run on Mondays and Fridays from 3:30 to 5:30 at Field from January 8th through February 23rd. The cost is $327 per student (7 weeks, 4 hours per week). The club also is looking for volunteer help. Please contact Gena Romagnoli for questions or volunteer interest.

  • 2nd half of the year pizza ordering will be opening on RevTrak within the next few weeks. Please watch out for information in our PTO Blast and on our PTO website.

  • ELF reported this morning at the PTO President’s meeting with the district that their Halloween Hustle 5K run/walk was successful and well attended by D64 schools. Franklin school did win recognition amount the district schools for highest participation. Looking ahead they are planning their annual Casino Night Fundraiser. This year it will be held on Saturday, January 27th from 6:30 to 11:30 at Café La Cave in Des Plaines. The theme of the evening is “Saturday Night Fever”, early bird registration is open on the ELF website ( Last year Casino Night raised over $30,000 to support innovative, imaginative and educational programs for children across the district.

Treasurers Report:

Paul not in attendance

  • Jennifer Kuzminski had some questions about walk a thon. She is organizing again with Catherin Gillespie. They would like a small budget to pay for things up front. We will propose at the next meeting. Jennifer also wants to discuss a goal for the money. Last year we did projector and held some money over for new library. Ms. Riley has some ideas for the library. Mr. Bednar visited some other library for ideas. They will sit down and discuss an entire plan and then we can further discuss how to get there and how PTO can help.

  • We have not received an invoice yet for the projector. District paid for and the work and we are waiting on a bill from the district.

  • Jennifer requested Walk-a-thon be held on April 27th again. That is Arbor Day so it would be nice to incorporate Arbor Day.

  • Last year the Student Council collected pennies right before Walk-A-thon. It would be helpful if that was well before or after Walk-a-thon.

  • Catherine Gillespie asked about renaming the library. Mr. Bednar thinks they are going to put 2 pictures in the doors and make it lighter but adding some lights.

Vice President Report:

Tracy not in attendance

Secretary Report:

  • 100 signs will be $365. Possibly distribute at at winter carnival or receive a sign when you sign up for PTO. Hillary will order those.

  • Digital online directory had a glitch and still has not been done. You can go directly to My School Anywhere to update your information. We will send link as soon as we get it. We have to get the online component lie quickly.

Principal Report:

  • Wrapped up conferences. Lots of people coming into library, it went great!

  • Grades due tomorrow. Report cards on Monday 27th and new trimester starts.

  • Encourage kids to dress for the weather, we will go outside even if it is cold.

  • New recess seems to be working better. It t took a little time to organize the transitions, but they are understanding now.

  • Parent performance for Holiday Sing is Friday the 22nd

Committee Reports:

Discovery Day

  • Set for May 29th and Carol Sales will be committee head

Winter Carnival

Mrs. Fiore- Sat. Feb. 10th For Winter Carnival, Brandy Oomen offered to handle concessions for the event.

  • We have some left over donations from Fall Fest we can give to Carnival


  • Angelo Demeros and Matt Ahern

  • The script is complete and now it is going to music and dance. We have already started with ad book. Corporate Spectacle -a spoof on corporate life. They would like to make some commitments for the money above the $18,000. They would like the balance to go towards paying for promotion party for 5th graders and a book exchange for the reading garden. If there are any funds left after this possibly something for the sound system.

  • We should know in the next month how much they might make with big donors.

  • The script will be given to Mr. Bednar soon for his approval and then it will be delivered to everyone interested in participating.

  • The auditorium and rooms have been booked.

Made a motion to use funds for promotion party, reading garden book share box

Carol Sales 2nd the motion.

New Business

  • Daddy Daughter Dance- trying to move away from gender specific clubs/ dances etc. have to open it up to anyone. “sweet heart “dance. TBD

Meeting Adjourned 8:45

Motion to adjoin: Angelo Demeros and Catherine Gillespie 2nd

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