February 2018 PTO Minutes

PTO Meeting- Feb. 13th 2018

Meeting called to order at 7:40

In attendance: 6 parents, 2 administrators, 4 board members

Meeting Minutes- motion to approve, Gena Romagnoli

Jennifer Kuzminski- 2nd the motion

Presidents Report:

Winter Carnival is now the Spring Carnival due to an over booking of our gym. Moving the carnival to spring also allows PTP to use both the North and South gyms. This will help cut down on classroom usage and impact to the teachers. Gena Romagnoli is chairing this event with the help of Anna Drakontaidis and Brandy Oomen. Special thanks to Mrs. Fiore for helping and meeting with Gena to guide her along and give your 6 plus years of carnival expertise. The carnival is scheduled for Saturday, April 7th from 11-3

  • Glamour Event Gala which is formerly known as the daddy daughter dance is scheduled for Friday, April 13th from 630 to 8pm. Field School girls are encouraged to bring their special someone to have a fun night out. Chairs: Mariana Cosma and Angelo Demeros

  • A bowling afternoon/evening out is being planned. Field School boys are encouraged to bring their special someone to have a fun time out at the bowling alley. More details to follow, please keep an eye out in the blast for additional info.

  • Our 5th grade promotion committee has found an alternative space since loosing the Emerson rental. They are busy securing their DJ, food and other planning to make a memorable night for our 5th grade students and families. Please watch the blast for more info, 4th grade parents will be asked for volunteer shifts to help the night of the party.

  • End of the year teacher grant request letter and forms will be going out within the next few weeks. We will work with Mrs. Fiore as the liaison between PTO and staff. Grants are typically reviewed by the principal and PTO liaison prior to forwarding them to the PTO board for final review. The PTO board will review, discuss and then present to the PTO community by posting them on our website, blast, fb and PTO web page. Grants are subject to fund availability and a final vote in May.

  • 4th grade students will have the opportunity to write scripts for next year's Field Follies. Information has been in the blast. Please contact Krstyna Alkfoof to sign up and for additional information.

Vice President Report:

  • Come see the VShow, 1st and 2nd weekends in March

Treasurer Report:

  • Doing well in terms of funding. $92,000. We have not paid the remaining balance for the projector. We received the $10,300 invoice. Speakers would be nice to add to the projector. Dr. Bednar will get us a quote.

  • We would like to complete the library at one time. Using same vendors as other schools so we can get vendor discount.

Secretary Report:

  • I have the PTO yard signs in my garage. We still need to decide when to distribute.

  • We need to change t-shirt vendor. We should check with Summit in Uptown.

Principal Report:

  • It is evaluation season for teachers. Mr. Bednar enjoys getting to talk to all the teachers but it does take a lot of his time.

  • Snow challenges, we ask the students not to throw snow. Be aware of icicles hanging. The district does salt the sidewalks and pile snow in reading garden.

  • PE gymnastics unit is awesome. Some classes had the chance to snowshoe today.

  • Congratulations to Mr. Bednar – working on his dissertation. Soon to be Dr. Bednar.

  • Library furniture has been designed. District is paying for part of it and and we are funding the remainder. It will be a new collaborative space. Puddle chairs, Izzy stools, curvy tables. Furniture will be movable. Would love to have it ordered in April so we can have it ready for next fall.

Committee Reports:

  • Spring Carnival- 11-3 on Sat. April 7th. Brandy Oomen has secured food with Kiddie Kingdom

  • Glamour Gala Event- April 13th 6:30-8:00PM

  • Sons and Moms Event- Jennifer Kuzminski recommended skating in Arlington Heights at Orbitz, they also do a fundraiser. We are also considering a bowling event.

  • Walk-a-thon, would like to ear mark funds for library. Jennifer Kuzminski motioned, Carol Sales 2nd.

First meeting for walk-a thon is next wed. All money counting will take place in Mr. Bednars office. No coins distributed. Mrs. Fiore recommended something less complicated for incentives. The shoes caused a lot of anxiety for some kids and they were selling them and trading them. Chairman will consider new options.

  • Performing arts club is almost over. Complaints of bad behavior. Some students disrespectful to the instructors. Show is next week. We could use someone on tech deck for dress rehearsal.

  • As a room parent. If you are interested in helping with the classrooms you should sign up to be a room parent.

  • May 29th is Discovery Day- she will need volunteers. $800 budget, already spent. Will ask for volunteers at a later date.

Meeting adjourned 9:10- Brandy Oomen and Catherine Gillespie

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