March 2018 PTO Minutes

March 13th 2018

Meeting called to order 7:40

Approval of February minutes- Brandy Oomen and Catherine Gillespie 2nd

President Report

  • Thank you again to Matt and Liz Ahrens, and Angelo and Georgia Demeros for producing the 64th V-Show. What a great show and script! Thank you to the many parent volunteers that helped make V-Show such a success this year with record numbers of attendance and fundraising to help benefit our school and children! PTO appreciates the support of the Field School Community and staff that attended. Over the next few weeks Paul will work with the producers to finalize their numbers. They will be able to present their final numbers at our last PTO meeting in May.

  • The 4th and 5th grade volleyball season has come to an end. Last week they celebrated their season with a pizza party and a friendly few games of volleyball amongst friends. Looking ahead to next year, Mr. Imber would like to set a procedure in place to ensure that the volleyball equipment is set up and taken down properly to avoid any damage to the current equipment. We appreciate any insight he can provide to prolong the life of our volleyball equipment.

  • Field Follies script writing will begin this week on Thursday. Those 4th graders that signed up will meet in the LRC from 3:30 to 5:00 to go over ideas for next year’s show. Please contact Krystina Alkfoof with any questions at

  • Congratulations to the Young Author winners from Field; each grade level had 1 winning story. Those stories will be reviewed by the district against the other D64 school winners. Final D64 winners will be announced this week. The winning students have the opportunity to attend the Young Author conference in May. A list of winners should be posted on the district website.

  • I was unable to attend this month’s PTO President’s meeting with the district; Hillary was able to go in my place and take notes. She can report on any relevant news.

  • It’s time to buy your Field School yearbook – this is the first time they’ve been on sale this year, so the cost was not part of school registration last year. The cost of the yearbook is $20 and ordering deadline is by March 16th. Yearbooks will be delivered the last week of school. If you still have pictures from classroom visits, field trips, Science Olympiad, band, orchestra, clubs, etc you may submit them to

  • Continuing this week, the Field Service Committee is holding a food drive the Maine Township Food Panty. Collection bins will be near each grade level entrance door. For a list of accepted items, please see the Maine Township Food Pantry Wish List.

  • As one of the Presidential “duties” I will need to form an audit committee to help assist in an audit of our financial records. This is something that is done every year, often twice a year. We have not done an audit this year because there were areas of clean up from last year’s board. Last year, Tina McNamee assisted with the committee and audit. She has agreed to again be apart of the committee. We will need another 2-3 volunteers, preferably with a financial/accounting background. The committee will need to meet evenings in the LRC to go over the records. Myself and Paul are present at each meeting, along with Mrs. Fiore the PTO/staff liaison. Please watch for more information in the blast.

  • We have a heavy 2nd half of the year planned for our Field School Community – The Glamour Event Gala (daddy/daughter dance), Spring Carnival, Healthy Living Month (April), Screen Free Week (last week of April), Walk-A-Thon, Discovery Day and the 5th grade promotion party. Each of these events has a committee chair who does a lot of behind the scenes planning and organizing. But in additional to the chair or chairs, we need additional volunteers to help make each of these events fun, successful and safe for our Field Community. Please reach out to myself of anyone on the board with volunteer interest to help out with these events – please watch in the blast and our FB page for additional contact emails to reach out too. Whatever amount of time you can help with, is greatly appreciated – we will never turn you away!

  • And last, but certainly not least – we would like to congratulate Dr. Bednar on receiving his doctorate degree in education. As acknowledgement of your achievement, PTO plans to place a brick in our reading garden.

Vice President Report

  • Starting to fill committee for next year. Will start with current committee first.

Treasurer Report

  • We received a bill from the IRS for taxes not filed in 2016. We owe approximately $4,000. Paul is unsure sure how successful we will be in fighting this. Hoping the accountant can figure out what happened. The Audit committee from 2016-2017 should have found the missing tax return.

  • Paul is not pleased with the level of service from the accountant we use.

  • We also have to pay $10,000 for the projector versus the $8,000 we agreed to pay. We now owe this extra money.

  • At the end of the year we must leave $8,500 in the account for the next year.

  • We will grant teacher grants depending on how much money we have available.

  • Dr. Bednar –we should ask other PTO’s how much if any they are paying for library furniture. Roosevelt is also getting a secure vestibule this summer.

Secretary Report

  • Distribute signs at the carnival, can we get a list of new families to cross check Carnival.

Principal Report

  • Librarian has $1,200 to give back to us because many authors she is using for author visits are local.

  • Young Author had 116 students participate. Building winners are as follows:

K- Reese Coogan The Barbie Adventure

1st- Elizabeth Potaczek The Animal Rescuers

2 nd -Diego Louise and Charlie Sperry Escape the Haunted Cast

3 rd -Cassie Kaufman and Gracie Fletcher The Journey of the Phoenix Feathers

4 th -Brianna Trunco The Magic of Candy Land

5 th -Selah Kim The Silver Eyes

  • Congratulations to Selah Kim for also winning at the District level! Good Work.

  • Feb. and March are stressful times in school. Trying to keep positive moral.

  • Several parents have emailed about something they saw on facebook. It is not a news source. Be cautious of anything that is said on facebook involving Dr. Bednar.

  • Kindergarten new student registration is going very well.

  • Parent feedback information will be going out March 22nd to be returned Friday. April 27th. This info will also be in the Field Flash.

  • Grandparent of a first grade is part of the Imagination Theatre. Show date will be on Thursday April 12th. 10:30, 1:00 and 2:00 Show times- Someone else’s shoes is the name of the show.

Committee Reports

  • Lego Club- Will not be happening this year. Committee head can no longer chair this club and we have run out of time for this year. We have someone to plan for Nov, Dec. and Jan. of next year after Field Follies. Lego Club is for K-5

  • Super hero outing.-Mom / Son outing. We are looking at Kiddie Kingdom. Looking at dates in May and finalizing plans. Info will be in the blast. May 4th is a possibility.


we need volunteers and cupcake donations. Signs are ready to go up in the

  • Former Field families who are going to come back to help.

  • Great Toy donations so far

Walk-a thon

Each week’s incentive.

3 weeks of goal.

Week 1- $3,000 have pajama day or extra recess

week 2- $15,000 school wide bingo played via intercom.

Week 3- $$25,000 – flexible seating in the lunchroom/ recess outdoor beach party.

  • Student council can go around and talk to the classrooms to promote enthusiasm.

  • Have had some good sponsorships and prizes.

  • Maybe teachers can put together a basket of books. John Moran will be the DJ for the day and donating sunglasses!

Discovery Day

  • We are having magician, musician and police and whoever else we can get for free.

New Business

  • Red Ribbons are for Ryan Sernel, the 6th grade Lincoln student who passed away.

  • Possible open mic for a Talent Show. There are many options we are considering. Details to be determined.

  • New Business- Do Samples from Summit for T- Shirts, design ready for spring carnival.

  • Promotion party will be Moretti’s now. It would be nice if Vshow could designated funds each year for promotion party.

  • We should try to keep all of our printing local if possible and support one local business Sir speedy in Edison Park has done some work for us.

  • We do not need to get pre-approval for library furniture since it has already been approved by the district.

Meeting adjourned at 9:30- Carol Sales and and Jennifer Kuzminski

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