May PTO Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order: 7:40 PM

In attendance: 7 parents, 2 staff, 4 board members

Waste Audit

Some 4th and 5th grade student conducted a waste audit and

7 students presented their findings to those in attendance. The students learned how much trash they generated and how to compost.

Julie Clifton - We can limit garbage by being careful of what we bring to school.

Lauren Herguth- We sorted the trash into different sections. Someone came to discuss what we can keep or throw out.

J.P. Donahue - We labeled the products and sorted them.

Victor - It is important to take care of our earth. There are some things we don’t have to throw out. It was a good experience.

Ollie Tiu - It showed us how much could be recycled vs. thrown in the garbage.

We as a group can make a difference.

Results- 30% full or partially eaten food

  • At Field we generate 80.2 pounds of waste in just one day, or about 400 pounds a week.

  • 9,000 ponds of food from this school alone/ per year. Whole uneaten food should go back home.

  • 10.5 % whole food in the garbage

Jennifer - We should do this again for younger grades. We should all be using reusable containers. Must empty milk to recycle the containers

Approval of Minutes- Carol Sales

Presidents Report

  • Mom/Son “Superhero” outing was a great night at Kiddie Kingdom. We had 90 people in attendance.

  • Thank you to our Field families and staff who generously donated to our walk-a-thon. The money raised will help fund our library design. Thank you for Jennifer Kuzminski and Catherine Gillespie for heading the committee and to the many volunteers who helped make this a success.

  • Discovery Day is scheduled for Tuesday May 29th. Please reach out to Carol Sales for volunteer interests.

  • Last night was our 5th grade promotion party. Thank you to the committee for planning such a fun event for our departing 5th graders and families. I’ve heard it was a blast and the kids had a great time. We wish our 5th graders much success as they continue on to Middle School.

  • We have some committees who still need volunteers:

  • Picture Day Coordinator

  • Math Club

  • Leg Club

Vice President

  • An email was sent from the 4th grade teachers to the the 4th grade students about Dr. McEvoy’s presentation.

  • She talked about bullying, being a victim and a bystander. She provided consistent language which really helps the students know what to say.

  • The survey said 81 % of students felt it was a problem before and 67% thought it was a problem after. 60% of the 4th graders felt things had improved.

  • The 4th grade teachers and administration would like to do the presentation for the entire school. The price would be $4,500 for the entire school, parents and staff.

  • Brandy Oomen- If we are going to pay the money the parents should have something tangible to use at home, such as a list of the words/language used.

  • Dr. Bednar- Our goal is to arm them for middle school and this will hopefully help.

Secretary Report

  • Nothing to report

Treasurer Report

  • We paid $!,200 for Dr. McEvoy

  • $44,239 for furniture- Do we pay for the extra? We thought it was $42,000

  • Approved by Julie Tiu and 2nd by Catherine Gillespie to pay the $44,000 (with the extra $2,000)

  • The enrichment fund we created this year has been great. Kids wrote thank you letters to the PTO.

  • ELF grant- we were granted $24,000 for an all school math program. We need to pay $3,000 to supplement the ELF Grant

Catherine and Helen approved the funding.

Principals Report

  • We will have some small construction projects this summer at Field.

  • Our 2 goals for next year are to implement units of study and get them support.

  • Our student goal is to focus on teaching kid’s manners. We have been addressing behavior for a long time, but implementing manners might help.We recently met with a different professional about steps we can take, but we need a data system to be able to collect and analyze behavior issues. We need a system to report and generate reports. PBIS has a tool we could use. The district is looking at this also. Page 62 of parent handbook is the behavior model. Trying to move to a more consistent model across the district.

  • Eastman Tiu-please communicate with the parents what you will be doing at school concerning manners so parents can reinforce at home.

  • Sept. 19th- Wonder of Math in the real world by Greg Tang. He is spending the the whole week in district 64. He will also do a parent event at Field.

This program focuses on how math can be used in the real world.

  • V math is over and kids did well. We will make some small adjustments to the program next year so everyone can be more involved.

  • We have 2 staff retiring this year.

  • The volunteer tea was great, over 60 people attended.

  • We would like to maximize volunteers more during the day. Parents would like to be involved in their school and we are looking at ways to do this more in the future.

  • I love the senior readers for 1st grade. It is one of the best programs we have.

  • We will have supply drop off before school starts in August.

  • Dr. Bednar would like everyone to have the same Field shirt and each grade gets a color.

  • Field Day went great!

Committee Reports

Discovery Day- We have enough volunteers. This is the end of school event.

  • Spirit Wear- Let’s prefund some spirit wear to sell at back to school picnic

  • Walk-a thon- Catherine Gillespie- $23,000 for walk a thon. All school beach party was fun!

Vote for next years’ board-

Brandy Oomen- and Carol Sales approved

Old Business

Audit committee due before June 30th

We will switch accountants for next year.

Meeting Adjourned at 9:05

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