PTO Meeting Feb. 2019

February PTO Meeting

February 19th, 2019

Approval of minutes: Rebecca and Sara

Presidents Reports

  • This Friday is Uncle Pete’s Lunch. Brown Bags have already gone home.

  • This Saturday is mom/son outing, din and a Wolves game. We will meet at the main entrance of the stadium.

  • Daddy Daughter dance info was blasted this morning. Space is limited so please sign up soon. It will be held April 12th.

  • Spring Carnival is April 6th and we are in need of volunteers for this event.

  • April is Healthy Living Month.

  • We are still in need of a Follies producer. We have had several parents express interest. It might be good to have 2 parents co-produce.

  • If room is not able to be used in Nov. we might have to push it to the spring.

  • We need a whole new board next year. If anyone is interested, please let us know.

Vice President

  • A few emails have gone around about Follies. Tracy has asked many parents; this is the first time we have never introduced the new producers at the show.

Treasurers Report

  • Expenses coming in for Vshow.

  • Thank you to Amy Konwal for doing pizza, she does a great job with managing pizza.

  • Follies made around $6,000 after expenses and it is not even a fundraiser.

Secretary Report

  • Nothing to Report

Principals Reports

  • Pre build meetings were held recently. The district plans to start renovation after school starts, but are starting the addition April 15th. They will remove the carpets over spring break. The plan is to put tile back in over the summer. There were 25 or 30 people at the pre build meeting. Will be interesting to see who gets the bid.

  • The bricks from reading garden will be professionally removed and put on the Wisner side somewhere. Someone suggested around the flag pole.

  • Have already started kindergarten pre –registration and we already have around 60 kindergarteners pre-registered.

  • Returning families will get info sometime in April. Do NOT Tell Dr. Bednar what teacher they want. He will not give you that teacher.

  • The Staff works hard to make good groups of students for each year. There will be some staff movement next year as well.

  • Illinois Assessment of Readiness March 11- 23. This is the state test. Field and Franklin are piloting an extra reading/LA test. Please have your kids here! State is moving towards and adaptive model like MAP.

  • Dr. Bednar is not leaving the district!

  • Dr. Bednar still working on some of the ideas generated at the World Café. He hopes to have a follow up meeting when weather is nicer. There were so many great ideas

Committee Reports

  • VShow – Kicks off soon. Please come support this fundraiser!

  • Walk-a thon- Jennifer and Catherine have decided to help with this again this year, as the kids really love it. It will be smaller and a shorter time frame. We are going to have a kick off on Monday, collect on Thursday and have the walk on Friday. Money will go specifically for an Innovation station for the library. They plan to tie it in to PE and make is more of a “Service Idea.” We have options regardless of weather. Staff parking lot might not be available due to construction.

  • Mrs. Shaab presented on The Innovation Station for the library and it will cost about $6,500.

  • Mr. Matto would like a gaga pit eventually.

  • Would be a good idea to put extra sidewalks to make it easier for kids to get to their parent’s car on the Elmore side of school.

New Business

  • Talent Show Wed. May 15th, not during screen free because there will be a book fair that week.

  • Cultural Fair will be Thursday April 25th during screen free week.

  • Auditorium Chairs-These will be donated to Roosevelt. It would be a nice gesture for Roosevelt to say thank you for the chairs.

  • Kindergarten Round up is April 10th. PTO should set up a table to recruit. Brandy should come to the round up also with Field Gear!

Meeting Adjourned 8:05 by Helen Pasley.

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