PTO Meeting Jan. 2019

Jan. 8th, 2019

Meeting called to order 6:35

Approval of minutes: Catherine Gillespie motioned, 2nd Helen Pasley

In attendance: 4 staff, 12 parents

Presidents Report

  • Spring Carnival is now scheduled for April 6th from 11-3. Volunteers will be needed. Sign up genius will be coming in blast.

  • We need a revtrak coordinator for next year. Brooke would like to train next person, so the sooner the better. Being tech save would be helpful.

  • Helen agreed to chair healthy living month. Thank you.

  • On our facebook page there is a family whose dad has cancer and a meal train has been set up. There is also a go fund me page if anyone is interested.

  • We still do not have a producer for Field Follies next year. It is a big undertaking, but very rewarding.


  • Field Follies made $8,000 but there are still some outstanding expenses.

Secretary Report

  • Nothing to Report

Principals Report

  • The gym is currently being used for gymnastics.

  • 5 essentials survey: Field needs 20% of parents to participate. Teachers and 4th and 5th grade students will also participate in the survey. Please take the survey before Jan. 18th.

  • The state is changing the state test for our 3-5 graders. It is now called the Illinois Assessment of Readiness. It is the same test, just a different name. We will be taking that the 2 and 3rd weeks of March.

  • Dr. Bednar hopes everyone saw his video about the construction. The plan is to move the reading garden. The will begin to remove the bricks at the end of the year. If you are interested in helping with this task, please let Dr. Bednar know. Someone suggested moving the garden to around the flag pole.

  • The staff has decided to memorialize Mrs. Gable by putting in a “little free library” in the reading garden. Mrs. Schaab volunteered her father to make one.

  • Dr. Bednar does not expect the the new stage to be completed until Oct/ Nov. Follies can’t be in the fall as in the past. We need to figure out how to do follies and Vshow in the spring. We need to work with Mr. Imbers and the district to find storage for 200 chairs.

  • The PTO should partner with district to work together so the space is usable for the next generation. (i.e. sound, lights etc.) If anyone has expertise in fine arts/sound etc., please email Dr. Bednar so they can have input in the new stage area.

  • We will be using the same architecture firm that constructed the library will be doing the other construction.

  • Parents of 4 and 5th graders- Mr. Cacino had to move to Lincoln to help with some district needs. Better communication with parents around Mr. Cacino move would have been appreciated.

  • Is it possible to auction off auditorium chairs? Dr. Bednar will see if the district has a purpose for the chairs.

Committee Reports

  • Spring Carnival- April 6th. First committee meeting is Thursday the 10th. Have had a great volunteer response with a big committee.

New Business/Old Business

  • Mrs. Fiore is reporting on the audit committee. The committee had 3 parents, Mrs. Fiore, the President and Treasurer.

  • The audit was completed in 2 days and took under 6 hours to go over the entire year. It was a very clean audit. There were no discrepancies and no fraud. The Treasurer followed all procedures and was very organized.

  • The committed flagged 2 items and the board has already written and implemented policies to address those concerns.

  • There will be another audit at the end of the year.

  • We are all exiting the board next year so all positions will be open.

Old Business

  • Legos for Kids: Mrs. Schaab did come up with an idea for an LRC Lego wall. The lego wall will be the blue wall by the door. The legos cost $419 and free shipping. The storage unit for the legos can also travel. Trim for around the lego wall will also be needed. Duplex block might be a possibility for littler kids.

  • PTO is happy to fund this project.Chess club starts next Monday over lunch, space is still available. We had about 45 kids last time. Our numbers are lower than some of the other schools, but we have a lot of other clubs that can take kids away from Chess Club.

  • Unsure about Volleyball at this time. We do have a lot of basketball rentals at this time. Maybe they are pushing it back.

  • It would be a nice idea to have a list of clubs offered at the beginning of the year at parent’s night so everyone is aware of what is offered at Field.

  • Spelling Bee is next Thursday the 17th at 4:00 in the auditorium. It is not too late to sign up.

Meeting adjourned – 7:50 Brandy Oomen

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