PTO Meeting April 2019

April 9 2019

Meeting called to order at 6:37

Minutes approved by Sara Sweeney, 2nd Sara McFadden

Presidents Report

  • Thank you to Denise Schleisman and Amy Sacor for producing Field Follies, they have started the writing process and are working on other logistics.

  • Thank you to Spring Carnival Committee. It was well attended with a lot of positive feedback.

  • Yearbook deadline was Fri. Limited # will be ordered for those who did not order.

  • This Friday is daddy/daughter dance. The event is completely sold out. We will turn away anyone who has not purchased a ticket. Idea to have 2 dances so we could have more capacity. Possible for next year.

  • Volunteers will be needed for Discovery Day which is May 30th.

  • End of Year Picnic is also May 30th.

  • Next month is our last PTO meeting and this Board’s last meeting.

We will announce the new board in the blast once confirmed. We are still looking for someone for the Treasurer position. Someone with financial background would be helpful, but not necessary. We will vote at the next meeting, but it must be blasted out before then.

VP Report

  • Positions being filled for Committee Heads. Any remaining open positions will also be put in the blast in the coming weeks.

Treasurer Report

  • This budget is through Feb. 26th. We are having an issue with Revtrak. Paul is working with Brooke to remedy it. Paul will balance correctly as soon as the issue is resolved.

  • Carnival broke even with the exception of the invoice of D64 janitorial. Still waiting on that bill. Revenue from Carnival was better than last year.

  • Paul has received several emails about Promotion Party wanting more funds.

  • Promotion Party- Jen secured the venue and food venue. She tried Emerson again and they said no. The local places were too expensive so it will be held at Maine South.

  • Phyllis Lubinski motioned for $3,000 extra dollars to be put towards the promotion party and Sara McFadden seconded the motion. Now they have $5,000 from the PTO. Committee needs to back out the budget and determine what we should charge the parents to attend the party.

Secretary Report

Nothing to report

Principals Report

  • Dr. Bednar is reviewing bids right now for the construction.

  • Carnival was great, thanks for planning!

  • Letters for placement request are due by April 26th. Please do not request a specific teacher or you will be denied.

  • 3rd annual Cultural Fair coming up during screen free week. Ana has been helping secure volunteers for this event.

  • Kindergarten Round up taking place tomorrow, April 10th. We are planning goody bags this year.

  • ISA testing is taking place April 16th for 5th graders. It is 40-60-minute test.

  • Walk-a-thon schedule was created by Mr. Matta. It was shared with walk-a-thon committee heads.

  • During screen free week we will having various events. Thank you Helen for planning this week.

Committee Reports

End of Year Picnic- Meeting Friday night to get started planning.

Old Business

Meeting adjourned 7:40 PM by Brandy Oomen and Sara McFadden

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