Field PTO Meeting Minutes: December 3, 2019

Field School PTO Meeting Minutes- December 3, 2019 7:00pm in Field LRC

Attendance: 1 staff member, 7 parents

Call to Order at 7:02pm, Christine Lennox Mendez motion to approve, Phil Leslie second. The November 19, 2019 meeting minutes were motioned and approved by Christine and Phil as well.

PTO Officer Reports

Co-Presidents, Helen Pasley and Phyllis Lubinski-

  • Thank you to Dr. Olson for attending our last PTO meeting.

  • The teacher parking lot is now paved, hopefully it’s ready for teacher parking soon (Amanda Spychalski shared additional details below) which will open more space around the school for families to park.

  • The new school directory will roll out soon, it’s called A to Z Connect, Sara McFadden shared additional info. Below.

  • Thank you to the community outreach committee, the Ronald McDonald House collection during November was a success. Each week a carload of items was delivered to a nearby RMH in Maywood.

  • The city food drive is currently taking place- Dec 11-13. Nonperishable items can be placed in bins within the main office. PTO is supporting this effort, announcing it in the weekly PTO emails.

PTO Vice President- Sara McFadden

  • We have multiple ELF representatives, one at the meeting tonight- Phil Leslie.

  • Additional information re: A to Z Connect school directory. Carpenter and Emerson use this platform, it’s flexible, easy to use, users sign up via an email/link. Information can rollover to Emerson.

PTO Treasurer- Tom Martin

  • Latest PTO financials provided, no questions or comments from those in attendance.

PTO Secretary- Catherine Gillespie

  • Committee heads should send PTO email communications they’d like shared to secretary by Thursday. The email is sent out Monday early morning. Be sure to sign up for this PTO communication.

Principal’s Report- Amanda Spychalski, Vice Principal (Dr. Jason Bednar could not attend this meeting)

  • December MAP testing is coming up the week of Dec. 9, 2019: M/Th, 2nd , 4th/5th grade, Tu/F, 3rd and some 2nd grade will complete testing. Report cards will go home Dec. 6th. The Holiday Sing is Dec. 20.

  • Construction update: the gravel for bricks in the reading garden has been poured. Benches to arrive Dec. 4. An outdoor outlet was added, so an extension cord is no longer needed stretched from an indoor outlet through a window for outdoor events. The north kitchen door is framed out in the MPR, the MPR stage is built and walls have been primed to paint. The parking lot ground has been poured but not yet lined. It’s anticipated the lot will be accessible after holiday break. MPR open for use, mid-January (anticipated).

Committee Reports

ELF Rep- Phil Leslie, over 800 people signed up for the Halloween Hustle, approximately $30,000 raised at the event. ELF has $52,000 cash on hand. Jan 1-March 1: grant sign up period. ELF will fund projects ranging in dollar amounts. A spring trivia event fundraiser is coming soon.

New Business

Holiday contribution collection-the PTO is eager to include the entire Field staff in holiday contributions. Currently the classroom teachers and “specials” teachers are included via the individual room parent collection process. This leaves out a large part of the Field staff. However, it’s difficult to collect for the entire staff because it’s beyond what the room parent and/or room parent committee head would like to collect due to the anticipated large dollar amount. Amanda Spychalski offered some input stating that perhaps next year a grade level collection could be taken for the entire Field staff so it’s a more manageable dollar amount. Those in attendance agreed this could be a reasonable solution for the future- will consider next year. Amanda Spychalski also thanked PTO for the staff luncheon this month.

Old Business

PTO parent survey results discussion-Helen Pasley discussed the results from the PTO parent survey taken at the first PTO meeting this year. Suggestions included the following:

  • Additional clubs such as robotics, math, Junior Great and Lego-it was discussed that clubs require either a parent(s) volunteer and/or Field staff.

  • School beautification including planters near the entrance, repainting the Field logo on the playground & added ‘Field’ or ‘Phoenix’ etc. to a fence surrounding the school (other D64 schools have similar school spirit signs). It was discussed that perhaps a group/committee could be formed to review these requests in more detail as budget and district approval/involvement are necessary.

  • Buddy bench- it was discussed, but unfortunately the buddy bench can lead to bullying

  • Increase the variety of games offered at lunchtime, gaga ball pits, more imagination playground time. Dr. Bednar does not want gaga ball pits at Field-he’s stated this multiple times in the past.

The former daddy/daughter dance will now be a fully inclusive event for both boys and girls and any adult. Previously the event was an event for a girl and a male adult. Currently, we are considering a dance/party in late April/early May such as luau split between primary grades and intermediate grades to accommodate the numbers. The event could be back to back nights so the same decorations could be used for each event. A location is still being finalized, but the new MPR and north gym space are being considered depending on the capacity of both spaces. Additional volunteer help is needed to chair this event because the former chair does not want to take on this larger event.

The former mother/son event will also be fully inclusive, open to any gender child and adult. In the past attending a Wolves game has been planned. Amanda Spychalski mentioned that perhaps the event could be tied into the game when the Field school choir sings at the Wolves game.

Meeting adjourned at 7:50pm, Christine and Phil motioned and approved.

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