Field PTO Meeting Minutes: January 14, 2020

Field School PTO Meeting Minutes- January 14, 2020, 7:00 pm in Field LRC

Attendance: 13 parents, 2 staff members.

Call to Order @ 7:00pm Helen Pasley. December 3, 2019 meeting minutes were approved, motion by Jennifer Kuzminski and approved by Katie Bartlett.

PTO Officer Reports

PTO Co-President Helen Pasley- welcome and happy new year.

  • Excited that V Show has started up. Last year’s V Show proceeds need to be voted on soon to support the MPR.

  • Room parents are starting to plan the classroom Valentine’s Day parties for February 14, 2020.

  • Walkathon proposals submitted by teachers have been collected and will be shared with school administration in the next few weeks. Proposals will be shared at the next PTO meeting, February 4th. A vote is planned to determine how walkathon funds will be used.

PTO Co-President Phyllis Lubinski

  • PTO President’s meeting update: ELF grants due March 1, 2020. Field administration, please alert teachers of this timing. Chris Kurczaba in attendance to discuss ELF.

  • Emerson/Lincoln Queen of Hearts fundraiser, elementary PTOs have been asked to set up a parent night to support this fundraiser. A Field gathering to be set in the next few weeks to attend Harp and Fiddle for the Tuesday night drawing as a group of Field parents.

  • 5th grade promotion party- still looking for venues.

  • Daughter/special someone dance will now be an all-inclusive social event for girls or boys and any adult. The plan is to hold a social split into two primary (K-2) and intermediate (3-5) grades to accommodate space. The event would take place in the north gym and/or MPR space.

  • Discovery Day planning meeting taking place right after PTO meeting tonight.

  • V-show: ad book fundraiser underway. The ad book link and details can be found at

PTO Vice President- Sara McFadden

  • Vshow 66 will kicked off their first rehearsal last Sunday, Jan. 11in the MPR. The new space was well received by parents who saw the space for the first time at rehearsal.

  • Volleyball will take place Feb 3-March 19

  • A new reading incentive program with the Chicago Dogs baseball team will be used this year as suggested by Jason Trunco, the committee head. Jason has been in communication with the Chicago Dogs and Field administration about kickoff details. An updated flier is being prepared because original flier had inaccurate information per Dr. Bednar. The program also offers a teacher night. Read to succeed, the previous reading program that offered Great America tickets will not be used this year. We will try something new that offers a reward all students can enjoy, even younger K-2 grade students. Also noted that Chicago Dogs stadium is conveniently located near Park Ridge and easily accessible.

PTO Treasurer-Tom Martin

  • Financial statement provided, no questions asked regarding statement.

  • Follies receipts have all been processed.

  • Follies made $4,300, the budget was $3,500.

  • Chess club, we haven’t paid the invoice yet, so this cost is not reflected on the financial statement

  • Vshow funds raised last year were earmarked by last year’s PTO to be used for the MPR. A PTO vote needs to take place for formally use these funds.

PTO Secretary- Catherine Gillespie

  • Contact if you still need a Field yard sign. Catherine can drop the sign in your yard if you’d like.

  • Upcoming PTO meeting dates, just four left: Feb 4, Mar 10, Ap 14 and May 12

  • Field Open house is Jan. 30th from 6:00pm-7:30pm

  • We are celebrating a few PTO board member birthdays- tomorrow is Phyllis, and Helen is this Sat., Jan 18, happy birthday to our dedicated PTO Presidents!

Principal’s Report: Dr. Jason Bednar

  • The MPR is open, kids used last week on Tuesday during poor weather. It will also be used at for lunch time cafeteria soon- 1st and 5th grade using the space. Gymnastics will not force kids to eat in their classrooms anymore. Dr. Bednar shared that Luann Kolstad said lunch can be staggered to spread out the eating and recess portion. This may be implemented next year.

  • The reading garden will also open, Mrs. Gabel’s bench coming soon- it was sent without holes pre-drilled so installation was impossible to guarantee the warranty. A little free library coming soon to the reading garden as well.

  • Jan. 30 Field Open house from 6:00-7:30pm. Kids are welcome.

  • No school Jan. 20, MLK day

  • MAP reports sent home last week Friday.

  • Email sent to 5th grade families today regarding an open house for incoming 6th graders on Jan. 22, 2020 at Emerson, for both parents and kids encouraged to attend.

  • The ‘20-‘21 school registration is going to be pushed back this year due to new system. Dr. Bednar reported that he’s aware of 25 students at Jefferson in preschool coming to Field. K roundup is April 8th at 5:30. Kids are welcome. Registration for returning students will open Tuesday, April 21.

Committee Reports

  • Vshow 66 -Victor Lobo, looking for ads until Feb. 8th. ad book link. Donations are welcome, even if a company doesn’t want an ad. Tickets for show go on sale when chairs for the MPR are delivered-can’t sell tickets without chair layout, possibly mid Feb. Roles and participation still open for those not yet involved.

  • ELF – Representatives Chris Kurczaba spoke (Phil Leslie also an ELF rep.per Chris). An ELF meeting takes place tomorrow, Jan. 15th to discuss grants. Proposals are encouraged that help support the community in an effort to display and advertise how ELF supports the entire Park Ridge/Niles community. Chris asked that Field teachers be informed about submitting ELF grants.

  • Pizza day- with the MPR now open, changes in lunchrooms and pizza service have taken place. Volunteers must resubmit their day/time on an updated sign up genius. Additional volunteers are needed, especially in 1st and 5th grades.

  • Spring Carnival- Gena Romagnoli, event will be April 4, confirmed with the district, using the MPR space and north gym. New games will be used this year, along with old favorites and a balloon artist. Good number of experienced volunteers are on the carnival committee, will need about 40 volunteers on the day of, asking for volunteers at the end Feb/early march. Accepting donations of candy, unopened small toys, gift cards. Donut walk this year, rather than a cupcake walk.

  • Girls on the Run- sign up now available, coaches still needed. See the January 13, 2020 PTO News You Can Use for sign up details.

  • Walkathon- Jennifer Kuzminski, a walkathon date needs to be determined with the school administration. Joanne Soteropoulos will help co-chair this year with Jennifer. Possibly request another co-chair in weekly PTO communication. May 28th is Discover Day, plan walkathon around this event. Walkathon location TBD, will grass area north of school be available? It’s currently a mud pit. Ron DeGeorge can determine timing for grass availability. Dr. Bednar will follow up with Ron. Walkathon timing should also consider when and if the cultural fair takes place. Dr. Bednar asking Mr. Mata if he will be involved in walkathon this year.

New Business

  • PTO School Directory: A to Z Connect is ready for use. PTO members can enter their family information on the site. An app is available for easy phone use. Surani Schork is approving the family requests and verifying those added are PTO members. A to Z Connect may possibly be used for all the PTO communications in the future. Everyone must sign up even if you’re a PTO member. Once approved, the system is live and open to users.

  • A Phoenix mascot costume has been purchased and will be used for a variety of Field events (e.g., carnival, Walkathon).

Old Business

No old business was discussed at this meeting.

Adjourn- motion to adjourn by Jennifer Kuzminski, approved by Katie Wagoner

After the meeting adjourned some people toured the new MPR space with Dr. Bednar

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