Field PTO Meeting Minutes March 10, 2020

Prior to the actual PTO meeting, Park Ridge Park District (PRPD) representatives (Terry Wolf and Sandra Deangele) asked to speak to discuss potential renovations of Oakton Park. Presentation details can also be found online at

*Edited to add: This plan is currently on hold in light of the current situation regarding COVID-19.

The PRPD master plan includes updates to Prospect Park, Maine Leisure Center Centennial and Oakton. Oakton was built in 1951.

Over the last 3 years the PRPD has done community surveys, market analysis, sought out lots of community involvement. They have created eight concepts each with various options for programming. PRPD is trying to meet the various and long term needs of the community.

PRPD feels the current plan is best choice, approved by board. A task force has been created with 33 residents who are sharing the current plan. Thus far, they have held two meetings and sent a mailer to all residents detailing the plan and will continue to share with the community in the coming months.

Oakton is 16.5 acres, the largest PR park. PRPD is working with forest preserve to expand the pathway that currently boarders the park. There’s a possibly about connecting to the DesPlaines river trail.

The current plan includes: a loop trail around the property for walking, indoor multi-sport (high demand), a skating rink (as well as moving the player benches near the locker rooms) as well as a studio rink for birthday parties etc., an open lobby concept, ADA accessibility, moving offices to the first floor, moving the Oakton room MPR to the first floor, concessions, a 60x60 turf space – no crumb rubber, the infill remains to be seen,. (FYI, LoVerde in Niles is 32x66) and a passive green space near the Oak trees

There are currently 299 trees at Oakton. 32 would be cut down in this plan, (16 for health concerns). PRPD plans to reuse the tree wood for décor.

The cost of the current plan is $28million, $3M would come from PR parks with the remaining $25M coming from taxpayers through a referendum. Over a 25 year period this would be an additional $92/year based on a medium house of $427K.

-What’s next? Mailer just sent, another one coming soon w more info. March 20 survey will be sent to registered voters due by April 20. There will be a public meeting on April 1 (also on FB live) South Park & Prospect park – April 18th, meeting as well. Feedback is key to plan moving forward.

Questions from meeting attendees

  1. Q: The programming at the current skating rink isn’t as good as other parks? Would this new plan help with this concern?

A: Yes, the studio rink will help with offering additional hockey programs ( competitive hockey uses large rink).

PRPD representatives said the highest need is a multi-sport area similar to how LoVerde is used in Niles.

  1. Q: Has PRPD considered a partnership with LoVerde? LoVerde is very busy right now (many PR families sign up for a variety of sports with Niles PD because they offer so many options due to LoVerde space), perhaps the neighboring PDs could coordinate space.

A: This hasn’t been discussed at this time, but something to consider.

  1. Q: What’s the safe infill that could be used on the indoor multi-space area?

A: The infill has to be low maintenance, helps with impact has a similar feel to a rubber playground. US Greentech has a sand base fill that may be a possibility.

  1. Q: What’s the timeline, when would construction be complete?

A: If the plan passes in Nov. 2020, 2021 would include final planning, construction could begin in April 2022.Facility could open in July/Aug of 2023.

PTO meeting call to order: Helen Pasley at 7:26pm

Approval of February 4, 2020 meeting minutes- motion to approve by Chris Kurczaba, second by Rebecca Little.

PTO Officer Reports

Co-President – Helen Pasley and Phyllis Lubinkski- thank you to the VShow 66 Producers Sara McFadden, Victor Lobo, Tracy and Tom Fragassi. Thank you to all of the PTO committee members - there is so much work happening for spring events.

Vice President- Sara McFadden

--VShow 66 update- fundraising for ad book closed $ finalizing the set and room rental. Net number of funds raised will be shared at the next meeting.

Treasurer – Tom Martin, presented latest financial statement

Secretary – Two more PTO meetings on April 14 and May 12

Principal’s Report: Amanda Spychalski, Field AP presented on behalf of administration

  • Kudos to the V-Show, thank you Producers!

  • MPR open and in use, lunch is no longer in classrooms

  • IR testing- after spring break April 6th

  • ISA testing- 5th, science April 20/21

  • K roundup- April 8th

  • Discovery Day subcommittee working hard, lots of nice experiences planned for this event.

Committee Reports

Fall Fest- Chris Kurczaba- will help restart this PTO fundraiser, scheduled for Oct 10, 2020 at the PR Country Club, Casino theme night, “Night in Monte Carlo- double down for Field”. Not actual casino, but casino theme. Food stations. Professional dealer. Looking for committee members. Adults only event. Auction element like in the past? TBD. Fall Fest was community builder, silent and live action items. Helen Pasley mentioned that her brother runs a casino party company

ELF- grant applications- today was extended deadline, March 16 is review day, meeting at Chris Kurczaba’s home. Official notice regarding grants will be on March 18.

Green/Sustainability Committee- Rebecca Little and Nicole Burmingham. This new committee would promote environmentally sustainable practices. To start, the committee might collect old supplies and they would want to target the lunchroom. Need administration support/ideas. Education of kids is key, build habits young. Adult helpers need training as well. Healthy eating in general, consider timing of lunch.

-Meeting attendees discussed that cars idling at drop off/pick up is a problem. Drivers may be unaware this is a problem. Field has little to no “no idling” signs. Adding signs and sharing information with parents would be helpful. Some Green committees at other schools share reminders/quick tips throughout the year. Also mentioned that perhaps a Green club could be started and involve the Student Council, as they have in the past with green initiatives.

Promotion Party- Catherine Gillespie speaking on behalf of the committee. Current and baby pictures of 5th graders and questions about their Field experience has been requested by 5th graders/families. Historically 4th grade parents volunteer at the party, so 5th grade families can enjoy themselves. This would require a request to 4th grade families, PTO could send a communication.

Spring Social- Kristen Culotta, the move to spring social vs. daddy/daughter dance received some complaints, but overall response has been positive. The social will be Friday, April 17th with a Fun in the Sun theme, taking place in the north gym and MPR from 6:30-8. Field student and special adult can come, tickets are $20 for a couple, with $10 for additional guests (e.g., second parent). Committee working on DJ, photo booth, food and craft photo frame. RevTrak tickets up soon, 400 ppl capacity (previous similar event cap. was 300). Volunteers needed to help with the event. To ensure safety for all in attendance as well as protection of gym and new MPR space, specific volunteers roles and responsibilities would be given to make this event run smoothly. Perhaps volunteers would wear something to identify themselves as a volunteer (not just another parent in attendance) so students know clearly who is in charge. Volunteers would be aware who is in charge, a clear change of command would be in place. The ultimate authority is school handbook. One meeting attendee mentioned that perhaps volunteers could get something special for their time or a cheaper ticket price.

Spring Carnival- April 4, 11-3, ready to go, MPR and north gym. No south gym use. Enter at wisner. Cash credit for tickets at the door, rev track advance tickets for next year. Onc eclassroom use for donut dash. New games, inflatable sports, selfie booth. Kiddie Kingdom doing food. Volunteer sign up is up and running, empty spots-2 hr. slots. Teenager scan get service hours. Also need donuts. Lots of donations given so far-games gift cards, still accepting donations.

Healthy Living Month- looking for committee members. Suggested that we should move activities from daily to activities throughout the entire month. Focusing on just one week was difficult to plan.

Discovery Day- lots of activities are planned such as yoga, soccer, origami to name a few.

Follies- Planning is underway, on April 9th current 4th graders writers will meet in LRC at 6:30pm

New Business

--St. Baldrick’s -Catherine Gillespie-Field School team captain- St. Baldrick’s is a charity event that helps raise funds for childhood cancer research. A communication about joining the Field team was sent via PTO blast. This is not a PTO sponsored event, but the team will use Field in its name. All are welcome, including family members that do not attend Field school.

--Potential new lunch time club: Process Art lunchtime club, 20 spots, $75 fee, Tuesdays. 6-7 weeks. Space has been discussed with Field admin.

--The topic of a math lunch time club came up, it was noted that Julie Tiu was the previous committee head. Mrs. Fiore said she has the math games from this club in her classroom. In the past, the club included stations with various games, was a 10-wk session organized by a parent committee.

Old Business

  • Discussion of Walkathon funds use- clear winner was breakout boxes, also least expensive. Team building (promote at start of school, kindness 45 mins per class, per grade) and calming boxes- $17K. Mrs. Fiore is getting more information on the cost of team building. Trainers would be local and decrease costs. Circus Among Us also discussed, this was the third ranked option, but PTO board is concerned about the number of volunteers needed based on the proposal shared.

Jennifer Kuzminski asked about the final date for the walkathon, is it May 7, 2020? Has this been approved by administration? Per Dr. Bednar email shared by Mrs. Spychalski, Dr. Bednar has emailed Ron DeGeorge about the availability of the green space north of school where the Walkathon has taken place (pending dry weather). This area is currently a muddy hole.

  • School Supplies – ordering coming up soon, teachers finalizing supply lists. Ordering should be open by kindergarten roundup, mid April. Close orders at the end of May.

  • Locker update from Mrs. Spychalski: locker repairs will be made by the district, but repainting and updating are the responsibility of PTO.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:34pm, motion to adjourn Jennifer Kuzminski, second by Rebecca Little.

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