Field PTO Meeting Minutes February 4, 2020

Field School PTO Meeting Minutes- February 4th, 2020- Field LRC

Call to Order- Helen Pasley at 6:33pm

Approximately 13 parents and 2 staff members in attendance.

January 14, 2020 meeting minutes approved - motion to approve: Jennifer Kuzminski Motion seconded: Rebecca Little

PTO Officer Report

Co-Presidents- Helen Pasley and Phyllis Lubinski

-Directory Update – Surani Schork continues to approve members

-Room parents are planning Valentine’s Party now- afternoon of the 14th of Feb.

-Reminded attendees that volunteers are needed for Pizza Day, esp. 1st & 5th grade- use sign up genius link sent on PTO email communication and PTO Facebook page. Kids love seeing parents at school.

-Requested that attendees support and attend the Emerson/Lincoln Middle School Queen of Hearts Fundraiser- every Tuesday, tonight members of Field PTO board as well as any Field family are invited to attend.

-Science Olympiad this past Saturday-please send photos of your children from the event to the yearbook staff at Field had multiple winners in a variety of events.

-Specialty Tees T-shirt shop has closed- they donated $400 worth of merchandise to Field, will share with office/committees that can use for raffle items.

- Ronald McDonald charities sent a thank you note to the community service committee, posted in front of school in glass case.

Vice President- Sara McFadden

-V Show 66 is underway, as is the ad book fundraising- the book will close next week, it looks like $35,000 goal is going to be met.

-Volleyball practice is starting this week- parent helpers are learning to set up and take down the nets this week.

Treasurer- Tom Martin, no updated shared.

Secretary – Catherine Gillespie

-Field PTO yard signs are still available for members, contact if you’d like a sign.

- Upcoming PTO meetings are March 10, April 14 and May 12

Principal’s Report: Ms. Spychalski, Assistant Principal

  • Top Shelf is coming Feb. 17th to install sound and light equipment in the MPR. The MPR is being used daily for lunch. The second graders enter and exit through these doors right outside the MPR now as well. This has allowed for additional space at other entrances.

  • The Talent Show is June 3 at 6pm in MPR.

  • Elmore Street sidewalks- Alderman John Moran is working with district to add sidewalk extensions on Elmore parkway to alleviate flooding and provide walkway for student at kiss and go.

  • CogAT testing for 2nd graders currently taking place. This testing helps identify students eligible for Channels of Challenge program. Results upcoming.

  • Cultural Fair- is taking place this year, in April during screen free week, Mr. Faustman, Mr. Mata and Mrs. Schaab will lead this event this year.

Committee Reports

Service Committee- Elizabeth MacDougall, discussed plans for the Uncle Pete mass lunch production on Feb. 20th, and the all-school collection on Feb. 21st. This is the second project of the service committee. Last year 300-400 lunches, doing a mass production again this year tied into an all school collection on Feb 21. 2nd and 4th grade Girl Scout troops and student council working on the mass production again this year. Families can also donate to RevTrack to contribute to the cost of lunch supplies. Families pay per lunch, $3 each. Offers an option for parents if they cannot make a lunch or would like to contribute beyond sending a lunch. The service committee pays Uncle Pete Ministries for the food supplies. Student Council created a fun video about the drive and shared with students.

Walkathon Committee- Jennifer Kuzminski, discussed tentative walkathon date of Thursday, May 7, 2020 approved by Dr. Bednar. Dr. Bednar also confirmed that Mr. Mata will help with scheduling the walk as he’s done in previous years. Question asked to Mrs. Spychalski about the grass field north of school and if it will be available and ready for the Walkathon. Mrs. Spychalski stated that Dr. Bednar will contact Ron DeGeorge from the district and will copy PTO presidents on that communication.

Green Committee - Rebecca Little- Carpenter currently has a Green Committee and Rebecca would like to get a something started at Field as well. She stated that we can start siple with lunchroom recycling, compost and possibly a marker collection.

ELF: Phil Leslie and Chris Kurczaba- The ELF grant deadline is March 1st. ELF would like projects that are community related to increase publicity for ELF. Grants could be ideas/activities used by multiple schools, e.g., speakers, equipment. The district approves and reviews grants with ELF reps. It was suggested that the Field music teachers should ask for the curriculum items (musical instruments) they’re requested from PTO in the past.

Dine and Donate Opportunities:

-Portillos Feb 12 5-8pm- ELF, no delivery. Will add to the PTO blast. Mention ELF, 20%. Phil Leslie said he’d add to the PTO FB page.

-City BBQ Field fundraiser coming up as well- March 5th

-Chipotle- BOPA (Band and Orchestra Parent Association), Feb 23rd 4-8pm

New Business

MPR Funds Distribution Discussion

The district worked with a few Field parents and the PTO to discuss the light and sound needs in the MPR. The district is paying for the majority of the lighting and sound needs in the MPR, but has asked the Field PTO to contribute $20,000. V-show 65 funds were earmarked last school year for MPR needs such as this, however never specifically documented in PTO minutes. As a result, a vote was taken tonight see if V-show 65 funds could be used for this $20,000 amount, all attendees approved, none opposed. Field PTO will contribute $20,000 to the district for these MPR needs.

MPR Tech Deck: The MPR also requires a portable tech deck-a raised platform (6x8 feet, 42 inches off the ground) to house and control the technical aspects (e.g. lighting, sound) required during a production. The tech deck has guardrails, stairs, a cart, easily folds and fits in the school elevator. The deck would be stored in the PTO section of the basement. The tech deck will be used for Field Follies, the talent show, and any other MPR production. The deck could also be useful for activities such as the walkathon or activities in the North or South gym because it’s portable. A permanent deck cannot be used in this space due to the multiple activities that take place in the MPR. The new MPR can hold 190 people seated for a production, the former production space, the auditorium, could hold 232 people. An elevated tech deck will help allow for a maximum number of seats in the MPR. The cost is $7,964. A vote was taken and all attendees approved, none opposed. PTO will purchase of a tech deck for $7,964.

  • Vshow 65 (the ’18-’19 school year) raised approximately $36,000 last year, $27,964 is the current amount PTO is being asked to contribute toward the above MPR needs.

  • Additional MPR discussion: Chairs in the MPR are nice, good quality. Tracy Fragassi shared that the district has been great to work with to cover the needs of Field so productions such as Field Follies and V-Show can continue.

  • Lighting and sound supplies should arrive soon. Sound equipment will begin installation on or around Thursday, Feb 17th. A curtain has been ordered, but there is some question around delivery timing.

  • Risers line up to the stage nicely (question asked about getting on/off stage from the audience was asked by a meeting attendee.

  • The MPR flooring is the look of wood, it provides some cushion, better than a gym floor.

  • A meeting attendee asked if there is anything else essential that’s needed for the MPR? PTO board along with Tom Fragassi stated that there is nothing of immediate need at this time. Other needs may arise in coming months/years but essentials are covered.

  • Thank you to Jeff Meyers and Tom Fragassi for their time and hard work coordinating these issues with the district.

Walkathon proposals- copies provided to attendees. Two more proposals given but not included in the handout- rubber playground and music class instrument. The rubber playground appears to be a healthy concern that PTO does not want to support and the musical instrument falls under curriculum which the Field administration has asked we do not cover.

  1. Question asked by meeting attendee, what is a breakout box? A breakout box is a portable activity box that allows student to work together to think critically to complete puzzles/directions to “break into” a locked box. The box can be changed and adjusted to fit a variety of topics. A subscription is required. It helps build teamwork and confidence. A set offers more flexibility.

  2. Circus- plan for next year possibly- replace discovery day? Admin agrees about replacement. There was a similar circus activity at Field about 15 years ago.

  3. Locker and fence info- discussion about whether PTO should fund replacement of broken or unsafe equipment. Mr. Imber is following up with Ron DeGeorge about safety concerns related to broken locker handles.

  4. Calming boxes- discussion that this is good money spent to offset what teachers often pay for. Mrs. Spychalski stated that more children come to school with history of trauma. These boxes also offer activities that promote regulation in children.

Meeting attendees asked to rank the proposals and return forms to the PTO board. Results shared at next PTO meeting.

Question about asked scope of what Walkathon might cover. Jennifer Kuzminski stated that the Walkathon has raised btw $15-20K in recent years. A similar amount is expected this year as well.

Old Business – none discussed

Adjourn- 7:36pm, motion: Phil Leslie, approved by Katie English.

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