Field PTO Meeting Minutes: January 19, 2021

Field School PTO Meeting Minutes January 19, 2021, 7:00 pm via Zoom

Call to Order-Helen Pasley at 7:02pm

Approval of November 10, 2020 meeting minutes- motion to approve by Phyllis Lubinski second by Mrs. Donnelly.

PTO Officer Report

Co-President- Phyllis Lubinski and Helen Pasley

· PTO President meeting this coming Thursday, Phyllis will ask how other D64 PTOs handle board positions (e.g., co positions). All current Field PTO board members are stepping down this year, so we would like to provide a seamless transition for the new board.

Vice President- Sara McFadden

· Dine & Donate chair filled, thank you Elissa Bayer

Treasurer- Tom Martin

· Taxes were completed and submitted for the year ending 7/31/20. $50 per teacher reimbursements will be available this year. Tom asked Mrs. Fiore to share this information with staff. Mrs. Fiore shared her appreciation for any funding, she’s aware that the PTO does not have as much money this year compared to previous years. She asked if the $50 is for part time as well as full time teachers. Tom asked how many PT staff are at Field. Mrs. Donnelly stated that there are 26 full time classroom teachers and would find out the part time number. Tom stated that 47 requests were submitted last year.

· Audit committee is coming soon, Tom is following up with two individuals previously interested. PTO may ask for volunteers if necessary.

Secretary - Catherine Gillespie

· There are two more PTO meetings, March 9th and May 18th.

Assistant Principal’s Report: Christa Donnelly

· Students are getting back into the groove and following routines nicely after holiday break. Students will be going outside often, as long as it’s 10 degrees (feels like temp) or warmer. Bring all the necessary outdoor gear.

· Young Authors sign up is open, deadline is March 5. Beyond the Bell is starting the 25th. As was mentioned in the Field Flash, picture day is set up for the end of Feb. Dates will be set for A, B and evening for remote students. Paper free. Feb. 3 is World Read Aloud Day. Mrs. Donnelly said she can include an announcement regarding the Field Follies survey.

Committee Reports

  • Room Parent Update - Christy Shebuski- Valentine’s Day party normally organized by room parents will not take place this year. Logistics of the party are difficult due to Covid and sending home activities proved to be difficult during Halloween. Field staff, Christy (Room Parent Chair) and PTO have all agreed to not have a party this year. An alternate idea may take place- potentially doing something later in the year if possible. Other ideas include students writing about things they love on a heart and displaying them in the hall. Teachers will still acknowledge the holiday and do some sort of activity with students.

  • Dine & Donate Committee - Elissa Bayer filled chair position, more details to come.

  • Winter Family Activity Committee- weekly activities throughout the week. Possibly build around World Read Aloud on February 3rd.

  • Walkathon – looking to raise funds for beautification around Field (e.g. planters near front door, cups in fence with school name/mascot). Could possibly do something similar to the virtual ELF run where families participate outside school on their own. Mrs. Fiore mentioned using historical society trivia, incorporating the local businesses with riddles. Possibly collecting an item/stamp at each business. Posters at each location indicating involvement. More details to come.

  • Follies- the show will be virtual this year, a survey went out to Field families asking about their interest in Follies and availability to volunteer. Currently waiting on survey results. One PTO member shared that the survey was confusing, even when answering no to being involved they were required to answer all the questions. They also wished there was an option to add comments.

New Business – no new business discussed.

Old Business

  • School directory – email coming soon to new members, old members should now have access.

  • Mrs. Fiore- Checked to see if Seesaw could be used to add Field Flyer submissions. Seesaw will not be a good option because it can only accommodate 100 students per class which wouldn’t be big enough for the entire school.

Adjourn- motion to 7:38 by Phyllis Lubinski, second is Tom Martin.

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