Field PTO Meeting Minutes: March 9, 2021

Field School PTO Meeting Minutes- March 9, 2021, 7:00 pm via Zoom

Call to Order- Helen Pasley at 7:02pm, 48 people in attendance (44 PTO members (including 5 board members) & 4 staff)

Approval of January 19, 2021 meeting minutes- Rebecca Little motion to approve, second by Phyllis Lubinski.

PTO Officer Report

  • Co-President- Helen Pasley and Phyllis Lubinski:

  • Welcome to our special guests and all the Field PTO members

  • Special Thank you to Mrs. Schaab for coordinating such an amazing Celebration for World Read Aloud Day.

  • Incoming 6th grade parents, Emerson PTO is seeking new PTO Officers. PTO Board positions available for the ‘21-’22 school year are Co-President and Vice President (could be made into a co-position). Email PTO if you have any interest at

  • Thank you to Elissa Bayer for organizing the March dine and donate opportunities. Be sure to check out the March dates at Harp and Fiddle, Cucina Biagio, Suparossa and Sweet and Tart.

  • A date will be set in April to finish the blacktop painting of four-square lines etc. Lilly pads, volunteers will be needed. Please keep an eye out for volunteer sign up.

  • PTO Executive Board Positions: the current PTO board shared in the PTO newsletters that the current board will not be returning-we are all taking on other volunteer roles or have children graduating from Field. We’ve asked those interested to view a description of each position and let us know their interest (via email to PTO president). These descriptions are available on the PTO website home page. So far, we’ve had interest from Field parents in the vice president and secretary positions. The person interested in secretary would like to share the role with someone else ideally, making it a co-position. The president and treasurer position opportunities still exist.

Vice President- Sara McFadden

Update shared on the details on Vshow 66 (school year 2019-2020) fundraising projects:

Book Vending machine and supply/money for books: This was an idea which Mrs Schaab requested with walkathon funds. The machine cost is $4905 and we would allocate $3,095 for books, totaling $8,000.


- Caroline Schaab has an update on cost (details below). With delivery, the cost is $5700 for the machine.

- The PTO would like to leave the balance of $2300 for book orders, plus roll the below $3000 towards books, if needed. Total of about $5K for books.

VShow 66: Money aside for last shows in the fall $3,000, if we are able due to Covid. This will pay rentals, band, videographer and dumpster for clean up. We would have spent this money this year, but the year was all cut short.

Update: these funds will now be used to help fund the books for the book vending machine.

VShow 67: With the impact of Covid19, PTO would like to set aside funds to help V67 produce their show. This would be funds for their band, school rental and set costs. The total would be $7,000. We can itemize based on this year's spend.


Vshow 67 Producer Rebecca Levin has been in contact with Tom Martin re: funds

Display case for outside of the MPR. PTO would like this for the plaques for Follies and V Show. This cost is still being looked at. At this point, we are saying $6,000, as the district would need to approve the vendor and most likely install, but PTO would fund.


Vshow 66 Producer, Tracy Fragassi was working on this.

MPR Improvements: technology add spot lights and iPads to help district tech deck. $5,000


Vshow 66 Producer, Tom Fragassi was working on this. $635 spent on a cart.

COVID Sanitation/Safety: While we know the district will be purchasing items to help the safety of the students, we are hoping to enhance this with hand sanitizing stations or other items to help keep Field clean and safe. $10,000. If this is something the district is doing on their own, we will look for another option to better your school and keep it safe.


Spent $2000 on lanyards ($1000 each, two orders)

Discussed allocating towards Discovery Day, but this event is no longer taking place for the 2020-2021 school year.

Treasurer- Tom Martin

  1. Update on funds earned from the following:

  • Dine and donate (i.e. Izzy’s, Hay Caramba and Superossa)- $700 year to date thru Feb. 2021

  • Box Tops- $40 March-November 2020

  • Amazon Smiles- typically we’ve received $45-60 per quarter, but last quarter for 4th $135.

  • V-show: 7K so far. Looking for more audit committee volunteers, 2 meetings, 2-3 hours.

Secretary- Catherine Gillespie

The final PTO meeting is Tuesday, May 18. There will also be a meeting sharing the nominations of board positions at some point in April. We will share this date of this meeting in the PTO newsletter.

Note to anyone interested in taking on the co secretary role. I will help transition the tasks and train those interested in the program we use for the weekly newsletter. The secretary position is enjoyable and allows you to learn a lot about Field and district 64.

Principal’s Report: Ms. Courtney Goodman

The recent World Read Aloud event was great. Thank you to Mrs. Schaab. Mrs. Goodman shared that this was a nice community building activity and may do another similar event to bring families together later this year.

Field staff are planning for 89% of students to return to full time after spring break. 11% of students will be remote, which is 60 students. 590 will be in the building. Mrs. Goodman wants to focus on community building with teachers, students. She’s aware some students will be returning to school for the first time. Mrs. Goodman referred to this as the 4-5th “first day” this school year. The Field Flash will share more information about full time in person learning.

Mrs. Goodman reminded everyone to complete the Google doc about next year teacher requests. She said parents can share how they children learn best, peers they work well/don’t work with etc. After spring break, next year class lists will be started.

Mrs. Schaab shared information regarding the LRC.

  • LRC: Book Digital Fair 2021- March 28-April 10. Orders shipped to school, huge selection.

  • Bookworm vending machine: Mrs. Schaab happy about PTO funding for ongoing book for machines. Students earn tokens for books by doing positive actions.

  • Rooted in Literacy: Mrs. Schaab about a possible connection for a tree to tie into the Wishtree book read. Phyllis Lubinski stated that she has a connection for a tree. Possibly tie tree planting into Arbor Day.

  • Talent Show: virtual, “I Can Virtually Do Anything” More info. Coming in April. Video acts.

Superintendent Dr. Eric Olson

Q & A from Field PTO members (questions submitted via Google document as well as entered via chat on Zoom)

Dr. Olson began by sharing that the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) and the Illinois Depart of Public Health (IDPH) released a joint document today at noon with updated health and safety guidelines for school. This is the first time these two groups have released a joint guidance since last summer, which was the foundation of all the plans made this year. D64 is still reading and interpreting the new guidelines so some things will likely change based on the update.

Q: What are the post spring break travel requirements?

A: Families must follow the suburban Cook County Department of Public Health guidance shared by Dr. Olson in his March 1, 2021 email regarding in-person learning. Dr. Olson stated that he is aware lots of people are traveling over spring break. He also stated we have never asked for travel information from families throughout the year and D64 does not plan to do so at this time. Families must follow guidelines. Edited post meeting: updated travel guidance shared by Dr. Olson on March 15, 2021.

Q: When do I have to report to school my choice for in person vs. remote learning for next school year?

A:Families will not be asked until this summer to make a choice.

Q: Will lunch procedures change with all students returning after spring break? Will students have a chance to eat outside?

A: Mrs. Goodman shared that students will continue to eat in classrooms because it offers good transitions and allows for effective contact tracing. Some students may use some of the larger spaces (north gym, south gym, MPR). Currently no more than 50 people can be in one location. However, the new guidance may change this requirement. Assigned seats will likely be in place in larger spaces. There may be staggered eating within the classroom. Students may watch something on screen to avoid talking and spreading droplets. So far, teachers have avoided added screen time. More details will be shared about lunchroom procedures when updated guidelines are put into place.

Q: Will students be required to stay with their classrooms during recess? It is currently not enforced.

A: Mrs. Goodman shared that lunch supervisors (as well as the administrative team often) are outside at lunch and enforce the zones. Many students started March 1, so zone rules may need to be revisited to set expectations. Signage may be needed to identify zones to assist students and lunch supervisors.

Q: Are there plans for extracurricular activities at school this year or next?

A: Mrs. Goodman shared that nothing is planned for this year and it’s too soon to determine next year. This is being experimented with this in middle schools, but lots to consider to make this successful.

Q: Maine South High School is required to wear double masks, are we doing this in D64 as well?

A: Dr. Olson shared that he’d heard this as well. He wants to be sure this is accurate information and said double masks will not be required in D64.

Q: What do new students (those returning from remote) bring after spring break? Can kids keep supplies at school?

A: Mrs. Goodman shared that yes, kids can leave things at school. Lockers will be used now. Teachers will communicate with families what to bring. Devices will go to and from daily.

Q: Can you share more information about the air quality in the classrooms? Now that we are at 3ft., it becomes critical to move air in order to reduce transmission. (I am sure you saw the NYT infographic about this) How many times per hour does the HVAC turn over the air? And, will teachers be keeping windows open.

A: Dr. Olson stated that he wasn’t sure of this answer immediately, but stated that new MERV-13 air filters were installed into all of our air handling units last summer and that they exceed the recommended requirements. Windows are already open in classrooms and this will continue.

After follow up with Dr. Olson post meeting, he provided additional details. The minimum requirement is to ensure there is a turnover of air 3 times per hour in order to combat COVID-19. All of our units are 4 rotations or higher, and many are much higher due to the units we have. In some areas of the buildings that have been recently renovated the air turnover is as high as 12 timer per hour.

Q: How do teachers feel about the level of education since the pandemic? How are we assessing growth?

A: Dr. Olson shared that at the district level, fall and spring (end of April) MAP results will help measure progress. Math scores were starting to drop, adjustments were made this year to address this decline. Spring MAP results will help determine our staffing for next year. Next year’s curriculum is being adjusted already. Mrs. Goodman shared that the Wednesday teacher meetings are being used to discuss math data, teams have adjusted math instruction as a result of the discussions. Field is using professional development time differently this year to address learning needs based on changes this year. Mrs. Goodman said this is a long term issue, that will take a few years to adjust. Similar to when common core was implemented.

Q: Can we get pictures of teachers on the school website?

A: Dr. Olson said we could consider this, Mrs. Goodman said yes. Her picture is online and others can be added.

Q: Will there be end of year celebrations? The parade last year was great, is anything like that planned for this year?

A: Dr. Olson stated that this is a case by case decision per school. Mrs. Goodman stated that there will be something for 5th graders, more details in come.

Q: Are there any positive reflections due to pandemic?

A: Dr. Olson shared that the pandemic has opened eyes to more possibilities with technology. However, remote learning when a student is sick will not be an option moving forward. Mrs. Goodman shared that the pandemic has opened up ways to further engage with families and parents, e.g., World Read Aloud online event, conferences, meetings, read aloud to class. Mrs. Schaab added that some kids have come out of their shell on Zoom. Connections have increased.

PTO members shared the following via chat during the Q and A.

I love how admin visits during lunch.

Traffic control has been great. (PTO reminded everyone that we’ve only had roughly half our student population come to school daily so the number of cars will increase post spring break.)

Committee Reports

  • VShow 67 - Ruben & Rebecca (Vshow Producers)- secured people to help with videotaping and editing. Have 3 cameras from Columbia. Similar to those used on sitcoms. More funds are committed totaling approximately $8,500. Due date for fundraising is April 3. Vshow is being sensitive to businesses getting up and running. Showings of Vshow 67 will be on the weekends of May 14 & May 21. They may be in a backyard, a park, but will be safely outside. DVDs will be available, and will likely be available on YouTube. Rebecca is committed to keeping the community of Vshow, excited about showing what 75 parents have been doing the last year. The set team is currently at school working, overall, things moving quickly forward now.

  • Yearbook: Cheryl Udeizlak- lots of submissions, thank you to those submitting and yearbook team. Thank you to Mrs. Goodman for putting reminders in the Field Flash about ordering yearbooks (deadline is 4/26). April’s theme is a fundraiser: people are proud of you-details to be shared in the Field PTO newsletter. Yearbooks ordered in middle of May, submissions allowed until end of April, send them to

  • Pizza Day/Izzy’s Dine & Donate:$530 total year to date (as of Feb. 2021) funds raised.

  • Green Committee: Nicole Burmingham- wanted to tackle the lunchroom this year, but with room not in use, this will be addressed next year. Sustainability will be part of the district strategic plan. Nicole shared video of idle free Cub Scout video. Signs are on order to be placed along existing signs to remind those to be idle free. Cub Scouts paying for signs with popcorn funds. The supply donation drive will take place at the end fo the school year.

  • Field Follies - Show is called Get a Clue, theme is within classic board games. Sign up going out next week in the Field PTO newsletter. The show will have added expenses due to editing this year so a $50 fee per student is required. Practices will start virtually after spring break. Filming in person outside school- parking lot. Producers want to use the audio visual equipment from the MPR.

  • 5th grade promotion party: Ann Looby and Amy Breaux are the committee chairs. They have additional members who will help plan the event. An outdoor space has been reserved, the committee will meet via Zoom shortly. Cheryl Udzielak is working on the 5th grade memory book. The theme is class of 2021 it's been a blast. 2021 takes flight. Mrs. Goodman and Mrs. Demas have been very helpful. Questionnaires going out virtually to capture student feedback

New Business

  • No new business was discussed.

Old Business

  • No old business was discussed

Adjourn – motion to adjourn from Ana Budisin, second Phyllis Lubinski at 8:18pm.

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