Field PTO Meeting Minutes: May 18, 2021

Call to Order- Helen Pasley at 8:02pm

Approval of March 9, 2021 meeting minutes- Phyllis Lubinski and Helen Pasley

PTO Officer Report

  1. Co-Presidents: Helen Pasley & Phyllis Lubinski

  • New PTO executive board members were announced at a special PTO meeting April 13, 2021. We thank the four women who have stepped up to fill these roles and we’re excited to begin the transition to hand over the reins for the new board

  • School supply kit ordering is available - this year supplies will be delivered to school and distributed to classrooms - 50 kits have been ordered already. This is a PTO fundraiser.

  • Online directory - Helen is working to help members join and gain access. Reach out to Helen with questions.

  1. Vice President- Sara McFadden: Committees are being optimistically filled for next school year. Most are filled, except Walkathon (have lots of helpers, no leader), Dine & Donate (need a partner) and Field Follies Producers.

  1. Treasurer: Tom Martin- We have revenue from Follies, yearbook and V-show. Still waiting on expenses for Follies and V-show. $7K loss was budgeted, ended up with a $1,500 loss. Also note that the 5th grade promotion party expense is not in the books year. 28 teacher grants issued, up to $50 offered per teacher this year.

  1. Secretary - Catherine Gillespie: Welcome new PTO board members. Thanks to the current board, it’s been great working together the last two years. Thanks to Field administration, Mrs. Goodman, Mrs. Donnelly and PTO teacher liaison, Mrs. Fiore. Most importantly, thank you Field families who support the PTO, especially the last two difficult years during Covid.

The PTO newsletter will continue through the end of the year, but we’ll pause the communication via email over the summer and resume in the fall. If there’s anything important to share, we’ll send an “Extra News You Can Use.” Please encourage new Field families, especially kindergarten families, to sign up for the PTO newsletter, link on the PTO website or email Five new families recently joined, thank you Mrs. Goodman for promoting this at kindergarten orientation. If you’re a Facebook user, also join the PTO FB group.

Principal’s Report: Ms. Courtney Goodman- Field staff are busy preparing for the end of the year. Latest Field Flash email, spirit days to spell out Phoenix- starts June 2nd. 5th grade clap out will take place on the last day of school. Preparing for next year (classroom placement etc) hopeful for a more typical school year. Field staff are looking to build community over the summer with a Storywalk around the school-more details to come.

Committee Reports

  • VShow 67 - Rebecca Levin and Ruben Nieves- Second and last viewing of the Vshow taking place this Thursday, May 20 at Pickwick movie theater. V-show Producers have proposed the following for use of funds raised: MPR lighting, funds for canvas set in background on stage. Sound proofing the MPR (fabric panels for the walls).

Funds Raised:

  • Ad Book - $17,287

  • Ticket Sales (as of 5/16/2021 at 11:15pm) - $3930

  • DVD Sales - unknown at this time

  • Bar Proceeds - unknown at this time

If the show sells out on Thursday, that is another $1980.

We have soft numbers for the production costs.

  • $10811.45

We have not received an estimate/invoice from the D64 regarding the space rental as of yet. We are using $2910 as the soft number for D64. We have reached out to one of the tech assistants that was hired for filming to receive an invoice but have not received a response. We are using $570 as the soft number for the tech assistant. There are a few more receipts that are being gathered. $250 is being used as a soft number for those receipts.

V-Show 66 earmarked $7000 for this production. At this time V-Show 67 has raised $21,217 (ad book and ticket sales). The soft number of production costs are $10811.45. We are looking to turn over $17,400 (plus more tickets sales, DVDs and bar proceeds) to the PTO this year.

  • Yearbook- Cheryl Udeizlak: yearbooks have been ordered. Color portraits was late this year, but Cheryl is hopeful books will be ready. Books will be distributed in classrooms the first week in June. Will coordinate remote learning pick up.

  • Green Committee: Nicole Burmingham: Partnered with the Boy Scouts to purchase no idling signs on Elmore and Wisner (two on each street). Excited for D64 approved strategic plan, includes maximize resources for sustainability. Interested in recycling and compost. End of year school supply donation, is it needed this year? Reuse for next year. Mrs. Fiore will ask the staff if this is something that would be needed this year. Green team happy to partner with other committees. Mrs. Fiore suggested that Green Team could work with the buy nothing project Facebook group to distribute items if school supply collection takes place.

  • Field Follies: Sara McFadden sharing on behalf on Ann Looby and Megan Kelleher. 75 students are participated this year, thus far there has been one weekend of filming- scenes, Life and Chess. This Friday and Sunday are final filming days. Sunday opener at 5:30. 27 5th graders participating in the closer. DVD ready for early June. TBD on production showing.

  • Promotion Party: Will be happening on June 10th; registration deadline is May 17th

  • Strollin’ Into Summer Week- Helen Pasley, Ana Budisin, Katie Wagner. New this year, ending the school year on a fun note.

  • Dates: June 1-4th

  • Events planned for week include: Chalk the Sidewalk, Scavenger Hunt, Bingo night, Family Yoga -- dates & times will be announced - masks will be required as per district protocol

  • Dine & Donate at City BBQ on Wednesday, June 2

  • The fundraiser runs all day (Field staff could plan to grab lunch or picked up a family meal after work)

  • Group orders via the City BBQ app are easy to do, and users will receive a $5 off coupon if they order through the app.

  • Service Committee- Rebecca Sahlin: Love Fridge food drive, June 2. Will be a perishable and non-perishable item food drive. Can also include half open food. Community lead food resource, fridges that are available 24/7 throughout Chicago. Goal is to reduce food waste. Avoid raw meat and eggs. Drop off at arrival 8:30-8:50am. Mrs. Fiore, can share with staff. Mrs. Goodman shared with staff previously.

New Business

  • New Exec Board - introduction & vote

  • Co-Presidents: Elizabeth MacDougall & Courtney Nashan

  • Vice President: Renalin Malvar-Ledda

  • Treasurer: Nicole Hrycyk

  • Co-Secretaries: Kristin Orlando & Helen Pasley

  • Rebecca Little shared that the upcoming June 3rd district board meeting will be entirely devoted to full day kindergarten.

Motion to approve the new board by Sara McFadden, Nicole Burmingham second.

Old Business

No old business

Adjourn - 8:40pm motion to adjourn Phyllis Lubinski, second Courtney Nashan. .

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