Field PTO Meeting Minutes November 9, 2020

Field School PTO Meeting Minutes- November 10, 2020, 7:00 pm via Zoom

Call to Order- Helen Pasley called the meeting to order at 7:02pm. We had approximately 19 people in attendance on the Zoom call.

Approval of September 22, 2020 meeting minutes- Phyllis Lubinksi motioned to approve, second by Christine Mendez.

PTO Officer Report

Co-President- Helen Pasley and Phyllis Lubinski, PTO membership-as of Nov. 9, 2020 we have 101 memberships including 7 staff members. There are 138 students, about 20% of our student enrollment. $1,000 of donations were also given. Phyllis stated that the dead trees on Elmore outside the playground will be cut down-they are currently marked for removal. They will be replaced but timing on replanting is not yet determined. Cell phone pole on corner of Wisner and Cuttriss recently installed and is being addressed for potential removal by Dr. Olson.

Vice President- Sara McFadden had no reports at this meeting.

Treasurer- Tom Martin, presented the budget last meeting, but tonight the final budget was shared and approved. Anticipated revenue this year includes, $750 for dine and donate with Izzy’s pizza, PTO membership $4,500, $2,550 for misc. fundraisers and spritwear $3,000. This year, the total budgeted income is $18,015 compared to $96,000 last year.

Other budget details shared by Tom: $4,400 is needed for operating expenses, no field trips this year, 5th grade promotion party will not get $2,000 rather than $3,000 as in previous years. Contributions to ELF and BOPA, $6,000 for teacher grants (half of last year), $100 per teacher for supplies this year. Teacher appreciation $1,000 rather than $2,000.

We are proposing that we’ll operate at a loss of $7,000.

Currently, we’ve made $2,300 in PTO membership fees, $1,300 grade level t-shirts and $245 on car magnets.

Cheryl Udzielak asked if we should we increase the cost of the yearbook? Was approximately $23 for a few years. Could be increased to $26. Many agreed this could be a good option to increase PTO funds.

Mrs. Fiore mentioned that the teacher grant funds could be reduced to help with the budget.

Motion to approve the budget by Phyllis Lubinski, second by Brandy Oomen.

Secretary - Catherine Gillespie, the next PTO meeting is Jan. 19, followed by March 9 and May 18th. We have limited PTO meetings (every other month rather than monthly) planned this year due to fewer events.

Principal’s Report: Courtney Goodman

Students are back in person for hybrid learning now, thank you to the PTO for mask lanyards. Other schools have asked where our lanyards are from, eager to get them as well. Mrs. Goodman is currently encouraging families to join the ELF Halloween Hustle, looks like families are interested in getting involved. Field is in the running for most participants. Question asked about yearbook pictures, how will class pictures be handled? Mrs. Goodman mentioned that at the end of September, they were working on an app for families to upload photos. Cheryl mentioned that class pictures would be needed prior to March. Currently, 25 pages of 80-page book are devoted to class photos. So far, there has been a good response from families sharing on back to school and Halloween photos with the yearbook team.

Mrs. Goodman mentioned that she was not aware of the cell phone pole being installed on the corner of Wisner and Cuttriss, but pleased it was brought to her attention. She and Dr. Olson are working on trying to get it removed, more details to come.

Committee Reports

  • Field Flyer- Rebecca Sahlin- being done virtually which is similar to the spring edition from last year. Submissions are low-we have about 40 (some may be in the office) sent electronically. Information about submitting work is on the PTO Facebook site, PTO newsletter and on Schoology. Perhaps teachers could recommend artwork or other schoolwork be submitted by students? Could Mrs. Voigt spotlight a project for the Flyer? Mrs. Goodman will speak to Mrs. Voigt. Could a Field Flyer school account be created for an easy way to submit? Or possibly something on Seesaw for younger students. Mrs. Fiore will look into this possibility.

  • V Show - Rebecca Levin and Ruben Nieves are Producing the Vshow this year. Virtual tryouts will be Dec. 6. The Vshow will be filmed (similar to the high schools), broadcast classes and equipment was used for filming-Rebecca following up on options to film. Rebecca asked Mrs. Goodman about potential options for need to focus on for Vshow fundraising. The goal is $25,000 this year which is about 40% less than prior years. Some businesses aren’t surviving or currently struggling so fundraising opportunities are less this year. V-show is offering incentives for sponsors such as listing them on FB page, PTO website. Vshow is a great way for families to connect, but it’s not the same as prior years. Would love newcomers to join the show even though things are different due to Covid. In addition to acting, there are lot of opportunities to be a part of the show including set, technical assistance and fundraising. The end of November would be ideal timing for ideas on where funds could be allocated. Email Rebecca with ideas.

  • Spiritwear- Brandy Oomen- t-shirts for grade level have been delivered. Brandy is now changing the color of the kindergarten shirt to increase sales, so families don’t simply recycle the previous color from 5th graders. The car magnets will be in next week. They are .90 cents each to purchase but PTO is charging $5 each. Brandy asked when the best option for delivery would take place. Perhaps they could be sent home in next material pick up, Dec. 9th. Brandy suggested that the first 20 orders from Izzy’s could receive a magnet as a way to promote this fundraiser. This could take place the third Thursday of every month. Brandy to discuss details with committee heads leading the Izzy’s fundraiser. Someone asked about interest in additional spritwear such as sweatpants etc. Brandy said the original vendor is now deceased, but she has the images and could work with a new vendor to get additional items.

  • Pizza Night- Lynora Dobry- $187 has been raised, Izzy will send a check soon.

  • ELF: Note below from ELF representative Phil Leslie regarding the Halloween Hustle. Phil could not attend, but his email was shared at the meeting.

I’m so proud of the way that the Field School community supported ELF through the Halloween Hustle this year! The overall event raised $16,840. There were a total of 568 registrations this year (compared to 719 in 2019; 478 in 2018; 324 in 2017). I think that's pretty amazing to have 568 registrations this year, given that we couldn't do a group run/event. We were very pleased with that level of participation, and especially with the amazing support of both Field and Carpenter.

As you probably know, the "winner" is determined by dividing the registrations by the school enrollment count, so we have a really high bar because of the size of our enrollment; here were the final rankings:

In comparison to the 231 registrations from Field this year, here's where we were in prior years:

2019: 181 registrations

2018: 103 registrations

2017: 69 registrations

Thanks again for helping to get the word out about the event this year! –Phil Leslie

Thank you to Mrs. Donnely for dressing in Phoenix costume. Promotion in school announcements was helpful.

· Yearbook: Cheryl Udzielak, two new members have joined the team, two new kindergarten families. The team met in August and have a theme. Two Field staff will be ambassadors- Ms. O’Grady and Ms. Meza.

New Business – no new business discussed at this meeting.

Old Business

Porch portraits/Food truck(s): Phyllis Lubinski- both of these events are postponed due to Covid safety concerns.

Adjourn - motion to adjourn by Phyllis Lubinski, second by Christine Mendez.

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